Dr Julio Oliver Gonzalez: One of the best cosmetic dental surgeons in Colombia.


    Gaining tremendous popularity across the healthcare system with his top class dental center “Centro de implantes de la costa” is Dr Julio Oliver Gonzalez.

    The world has already seen the rise and emergence of many passionate and spirited professionals who have spread their magic across diverse fields of the society and economy at large. Be it be the business arena, retail sector, IT field, entertainment sector or Healthcare industry, all of these supremely talented professionals have taken their respective niches to great heights by their hard work, tenacity and resilience. The world has also experienced a wave of digitalization and dynamic transformation with many new gadgets, technologies, cutting-edge products, services and tools which has eased the life of  the next gen customer. Healthcare industry and medical fraternity at large has seen humongous developments over the years thereby bringing about many lifesaving procedures, medicines, devices, products and other services. With many different specialties within the healthcare system, Dentistry remains one of the key verticals bringing about many new ways of helping patients live with pain free life and instill the confidence and ability to spread more smiles. Lets read about one astute healthcare professional driving the dental tourism market to great levels with his stellar work ethic and highest levels of professionalism, Dr Julio Oliver Gonzalez.

    Dr Julio Oliver Gonzalez and his dental center “Centro de implantes de la costa” is based out of Cartagena, Colombia which is rapidly talking giant strides in becoming one big hub and global center for all your Dentistry needs and aesthetic work. Being highly driven and passionate about his work, Dr Julio proves his prowess as been one of the best cosmetic dental surgeons in Colombia and other nearby countries. Dr Julio always wanted to become an part of the medical fraternity and help many millions of patients. After completing his studies, Dr Julio embarked upon establishing his own center and thrived upon making the lives of patients better and help them live pain free life. Dr Julio holds multiple degrees specializing in Implantology from Universidad Veracruzana of México and Loma Linda University, Endodoncia from University of Cartagena, Clinical Biochemistry, Masters from University of San Buenaventura, and Oral Rehabilitation, Masters from University of Esi Barcelona. With more than 20 years of rich work experience Dr Julio has developed his expertise and skill set in becoming one of the best dental surgeons in Colombia and North America region. He is an top class Dentist and expert when it comes to super specialties of Implants and Cosmetic dentistry with specialty in endodontics, implantology, Smile design, Oral rehabilitation, cosmetic dentistry.

    With the niche concept of Dental tourism market, Dr Julio and his center “Centro de implantes de la costa” has been able to attract many patients from countries like US, Canada and North America region. They get about 7 to 10 clients every week from these countries and they look after each and every detail right from their travel to accommodation to hassle free appointment systems and then flying back. In no time they have become a one stop all solution for all your dentistry needs, cosmetic and aesthetic dental work. Realizing the growth, potential, and the untapped territory of the niche dental segment, Dr Julio is working extremely hard to outstretch his work and operation in every corner of the world. With global aspirations in mind, Dr Julio is all set to take over the world.

    To know more, you can follow them on Instagram @cicdelacosta or @dentaltourismcolombia you can also visit their official website www.dentaltourismcolombia.com for more information.

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