Can a Cup of Coffee Help You Solve Problems? According to Science, Yes


A cup of coffee is something that most people look forward to and enjoy. Most people will also drink coffee while taking a break during the day. Coffee can be more than a Kickstarter to your day and an energy booster at work.

It may help you solve the problems. That is certainly a controversial statement, but it might be true, according to some scientific research. Problem-solving is a skill that every successful person has, and if coffee might help with that, that cup of coffee might be more valuable than we think. 

Treating a Friend (or Yourself) to Some Great Coffee Gifts

Coffee has an impact on boosting your mood, which is essential when trying to come up with a solution to a problem. If you find it tough to problem solve, spending time with friends or drinking a cup of coffee can be very helpful. You can combine the two for an even more potent effect. You and your friend can go for a coffee or treat yourself to some great coffee gifts.

You can check out Roasty Coffee suggestions for ideas on the best coffee subscriptions you will find online. A coffee subscription ensures you have enough coffee for many cups and exposes you to exotic coffee types you might not have had before.

Once you have enough coffee, you can use it to put you in a good mood whenever you need to lift your spirits. It is easier to make decisions and develop solutions to challenging problems if you are in a good mood. 


According to a study by the University of Arkansas, coffee might not be a great creative instigator, but it can help with problem-solving. One way coffee might help improve your problem-solving skills or ability is by the way it stimulates your brain. 

There is a concept known as convergent thinking, which pertains to the ability to problem solve, especially as it relates to coming up with a creative solution for a particular problem.

Convergent thinking requires multiple cognitive processes such as focussed attention and control of mental faculties. The study showed that caffeine consumption significantly increased the speed and accuracy of problem-solving in study subjects.

Caffeine helps to stimulate the central nervous system, which leads to more focus, energy, and alertness. Therefore, if you have a hard time coming up with a solution to a particular problem, it would be best to take a coffee break for about half an hour.

Take a cup or two of coffee. You will have a better chance of coming up with a solution after the break, and it will be thanks to the caffeine. 

The ability to concentrate on a problem is vital as distractions will undoubtedly lead to failure to come up with a solution. If you can sustain your attention on an issue long enough, you will figure it out as you can see it from many perspectives. 

The timing of your cup of coffee matters too. It would not be wise to drink the coffee before doing something that does not require too much brain power or mindless physical activity.

You should save it for when you have to complete a task requiring serious cognitive power. You can then enjoy the full benefits of caffeine, especially regarding problem-solving. 

More is not always better with coffee, as many people assume. There is a right amount to promote sharpness and focused thinking. If you drink too much coffee, you will feel jittery or wired.

You may also feel anxious, have headaches, be dehydrated, have an increased heartbeat, and be unable to sleep. You should know that just because your coffee is bitter does not mean you will drink less. However, sweeteners can also make you drink more coffee than you should..

Creative Thinking

According to the study mentioned earlier, the great thing about drinking caffeine is that it did not show any adverse effect on creativity. 

Coffee is fantastic for convergent thinking but does not affect divergent thinking. Divergent thinking involves spontaneity in thought and free-flowing of ideas. It requires lower levels of cognitive control and attention levels. 

Therefore, if you want to increase your creativity, consider other options besides coffee, such as taking a nap, going for a walk in nature, exercising, or playing a musical instrument. 

Coffee is a subject with an increasing research interest. According to science, coffee can help you with problem-solving. It can help improve your mood, increase focus and cognitive control. However, it will not have a positive or negative effect on creativity.


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