5 of the Best Ways to Gain Instagram followers 2022


Instagram has over a billion active users, so it’s no wonder that brands and individuals are scrambling to build a following on the platform. But, with so much competition for attention, how can you make sure your account stands out? Here are six tips that will help you gain more followers in 2022. Whether you’re looking to increase your brand awareness or just build a bigger social media following, these tips will get you on the right track.

Buy Instagram Followers

It can be tough to get noticed on Instagram unless you have a healthy following. If you’re just starting, it can feel like you’re shouting into the void with no one listening. But don’t worry, there are plenty of ways to get more followers. One way is to buy Instagram followers that are real and active. Real active followers will like and comment on your photos, which will help you attract more organic followers. And as your follower count grows, according to WP Dev Shed, you’ll begin to build social proof and authority, which will help you even more. So if you’re looking to give your Instagram a boost, buying real active followers is a great place to start.

Be Consistent

One of the very first things that you are going to have to do if you want to gain more followers on Instagram and be more successful than you already are is to be consistent while using the platform. One of the biggest problems that many accounts face is that they will post something today and then maybe in three days from now, maybe in four days from now, etc.

The issue with this is that they are accounts that are posting twice a day and with so many Instagram users it can be very easy for your account to become irrelevant. What you will have to keep in mind is that not only are you competing against yourself, but you are also competing against millions of other Instagram users.

Post For an Audience

The next thing that you’ll have to keep in mind to gain Instagram followers in 2022 is that you will need to post for an audience. What does this mean? This means that on Instagram there are many different niches and you need to be a part of one to gain followers.

Some of the niches on Instagram include pets, health, beauty, fitness, clothing, cars, and more. The primary reason why you should post for an audience within a niche is that you need to target individual-specific users. While posting general content that everyone loves might work for some accounts, for most accounts being hyper-specific with content seems to be the best route.

Be Real

Another tip for anyone wanting to gain more Instagram followers is that you should be realistic when using the platform. While it is easy to take a look at the content that many accounts post and think that it is flawless or perfect, what many people are looking for is a connection and the only way that a true connection is formed is if people can associate. 

By being real and posting real content, not just marketing but behind the scenes or how-tos you are forming a real connection with your audience.

Use Hashtags

As mentioned above, one of the most important things you’ll have to do to gain more followers on Instagram is to target an audience, and the best way to do this on this platform is by using hashtags. Hashtags are words or letters or phrase that is preceded by the pound symbol and is used to group similar content together.

The primary purpose of a hashtag is to make content more discoverable. So, if you are a clothing brand, or perhaps you are a fan of photography, you will need to use hashtags related to that for people to find your content.


Something that many people forget whilst using Instagram is that it is a social media platform after all, which means that you will need to be social. One of the best ways to be social on Instagram is by engaging with other users and this can be done by leaving comments on other users’ posts, replying to your comments, tagging users in your posts, and replying to direct messages.

One of the reasons why engaging is so important on Instagram is because engagement is one of the criteria that the algorithm uses to determine the success of an account. In other words, the more engagement your account is receiving the higher the chances that your posts will be shown to users who are not following you. Another way to increase engagement is by using Stories on Instagram and eliciting a response from your followers.

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