3 Times You Might Need a Criminal Defence Lawyer


Think that you can go your whole life without hiring a criminal lawyer? Think again.

Criminal lawyers are more valuable than you could ever imagine. We imagine them in court, arguing with judges and badgering witnesses when we think of them. We do not think of any real-world applications which might appeal to our own needs. This is far from the case. Criminal lawyers handle types of cases that you would not picture them controlling. The crimes committed do not have to be massive to earn a lawyer’s attention.

So, this article is for you if the police arrest or detain you, if your home is searched, or if you are due to attend court. Here are three times in your life when criminal lawyers are your best hope of a valid defense. Guilty or not guilty does not matter, what matters is representation. Here are sometimes when you might find that you need it.

The 3 Times a Criminal Defence Lawyer is Necessary

Do not fall into the trap of thinking you will never need one. Instead, find an excellent criminal lawyer near you and keep their number on your phone for times when you might need it. Here are a few examples of those unexpected times.

1 – Searches

When the police show up at your home in the middle of the night looking for a lost fugitive, when they stop and search you on the street, or when cops search your vehicle, you may need a criminal lawyer. If they find what they are looking for, you need a criminal lawyer. On the other hand, suppose they do not find what they are looking for, and their allegations were baseless and damaged your reputation. In that case, a criminal lawyer can ensure the police are accountable. Accountability is not just about damages; it is about stopping it from happening to the next person. Nothing stops a police inquiry from crossing boundaries better than lawful representation.

2 – Interviews

Every so often, you may be a witness to a crime. You may even be the person who offended, even without realizing it. The police will pull you into the station for questioning in this instance. In this formal type of questioning, police keep a record for the court system. Anything you say here will go on paper, and the police may hold it against you. To make sure you do not say anything untoward, hire a criminal lawyer to sit with you during the interview. This stops the police from asking leading questions and can help you avoid saying the wrong thing.

3 – Court Dates

The most obvious time in your life when you might need a criminal lawyer, is if you need to go to court. A criminal lawyer can defend your best interests, whether your plea is guilty. They can offer you advice, shield you from the worst of the accusations, and help you to avoid saying anything incriminating. In addition, they will file your paperwork when you need it and advise you on what to do next should you lose your case. 

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