11 secrets of criminal attorneys

Accidents are inevitable in our lives. Mostly, accidents and injuries happen as a result of human negligence. If you are injured due to another person’s negligence, you deserve a compensation for the damages and the injuries you have incurred.

A criminal attorney is a lawyer who is responsible for fighting for the clients who are convicted in criminal charges. It is no wonder they have a tough job and have a lot to do in their lives. With criminal activities on the rise, the number of accused and convicted continue to inflate as well. If you are convicted of a criminal offence, you must consider a criminal attorney who has hands-on experience of navigating such cases in the courts of law. Criminal attorneys have to fight intense cases which range from clients being accused of minor offences down to mass murders. Apart from doing their jobs, it is also important for them to make sure they serve their clients with the best of their abilities. The more the success rate of their cases, the better their work portfolio gets. What compels us to think is how do they manage to work in this regard? Criminal cases are very notorious in nature and mind-boggling. In this article we will tell you about a few secrets of criminal attorneys which you don’t know:

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1.     Attorneys don’t invest their personal feelings in the process

Keep in mind; criminal attorneys have to cater for filthy cases which might involve drugs, murder, domestic violence and a lot more. If they start investing their personal feelings in a case, they can’t work at all. They have to be secular in their work and sometimes even emotionless to solve a matter. Some defendants truly have committed the most terrible crimes, yet as a professional it is their responsibility to get the person out of the court with a clean chit. Many criminal attorneys claim that sometimes it is disturbing to read the case history and defend the convicted, but as committed professionals it is our responsibility to do the job we have.

2.     They research the jury’s background

Examining the background of the jury members is an art which not many people know how to do. Both defense and prosecution need people who can be manipulated and swayed easily. For this to happen, they conduct a background check on the jury members to know about their past life, their attitude and work. Though many criminal attorneys don’t do this, yet many of them choose to do it to make sure they leave no stone unturned in winning a case. Criminal attorneys are wise enough in fighting a case and therefore always step their foot on the sensitive topic of a person’s life to make sure they exploit the person and play their card.

3.     There’s a reason behind standing close to the client

You would have heard about attorneys standing close to their client as the verdict is being read as a matter of solidarity. However, there’s a completely different side to this story. The reason behind standing close to the client is to keep him/her confident throughout the court cases. Some people are naïve and not so well with their confidence when they’re standing in the courts adjacent to the judge. A senior criminal attorney claimed he lost case just because his client lost his cool and spilt the beans which resulted in them losing the case. So to make sure it doesn’t happen again, it is important to stand close to the client and sometimes even grab them by the arm.

4.     They get emails full of hatred

It isn’t a difficult job for criminal attorneys to navigate healthy relationships with the public. It is the hate which compels them to work even harder. Though their job is tough, yet they continue to work harder to make sure their clients are satisfied. The common myth is that all criminal attorneys take up cases where the convicted is the actual criminal which is not true. Sometimes the convicted is innocent which is why the attorneys have to work twice as hard to save the person. Furthermore, attorneys explain they never apologize for what they do, despite the nature of the case, whenever somebody enters their room, he/she is a client.

5.     They often groom their clients

Surprised to know? Yes, this happens very often. If a defendant is not so friendly with ripped jeans and inappropriate clothing, criminal attorneys will suggest their clients to discipline themselves. Usually when clients walk in with an inappropriate dressing, the entire persona is not so compelling for the judge to approve of. Therefore criminal attorneys also claim responsibility of grooming their clients before presenting them in front of the judge. There is no harm in dressing up well for a hearing otherwise the repercussions can be severe.

6.     They don’t stand up very often which most people think

The most noticed thing about criminal attorneys is they stand up every minute and start defending their clients. The truth is they need to have the grace to allow the defendant to do the talking and then do their work. If they continue to stand and interrupt every few minutes up, the case would eventually not get solved. All the witnesses need to be talked to in a seating position. So they’re not usually all up as you think.

7.     They doubt the bail system

Ever got jailed for a crime? You might be innocent until proven guilty. However that doesn’t mean you are free to roam around on the streets. Many criminal attorneys believe that the bail system of freeing jailed clients is just a hoax and nothing else. Therefore criminal attorneys are always skeptical about the case where the client has been allowed to get bail. Most criminal attorneys suggest their clients pull up their socks in case they are allowed to get a bail. So if you are convicted and want a bail, you must hire an attorney first. You can check for a suitable law in your area. For instance, is you type Van Nuys Criminal Lawyer on Google it will display results which are close to that area.

8.     They bond with clients for a reason

It is very difficult for criminal attorneys to bond with clients who have committed severe criminal offences. However criminal attorneys believe there is a way to relate to their clients which helps them in fighting the case. If they start rejecting cases because of the nature of the crime, they eventually will end up having no work at all. People who are convicted of murder, drugs and other charges, are difficult to manage. Sometimes it is important to develop a strong bond with the client’s attorneys often take their clients out for dinners and meet them to develop a strong understanding to shoulder their problems.

9.     A client can become their worst enemy

Sounds weird? Yes it does for sure. There are many criminal attorneys in the market who paddle services to the criminals every day. However, if an attorney refuses to work with a client, the convicted might become his worst enemy causing trouble. There have been many cases in the past in which the criminals emotionally abused attorney’s to fight their case. Therefore they have to be very careful when choosing the work they do. Sometimes when the clients are upset with the attorneys, they might even write letters to the judge accusing the attorney. It doesn’t end there though, threatening phone calls, constant warnings and many other problems persist.

10. Innocent defendants are tough cookies

People think an innocent client is very easy to defend, but that’s not true at all. People who are innocent-looking are even harder to defend at times. Sometimes people who haven’t done anything, end up getting punished for something they didn’t do. When working during the process, most attorneys suspect their clients as innocent and expect them to be convicted only by the jury. Therefore attorneys have to keep in mind their clients are innocent, and this is the only way forward to making sure the case is successful.

11. They love the excitement of the case

Ask any lawyer about the reason behind taking up a criminal’s case. All of them would reply in the affirmative that the reason behind taking up such cases is the excitement of different twists in the case. If they get simple cases to fight, they will eventually not be able to learn tough things in life. Criminal lawyers have to prepare themselves for tough situations in life, and the twist of every case is what excites them the most. Beginning from the trial down to the last result, there is a lot for them to learn from. History has a diverse portfolio of some of the most iconic cases which were fought. Remember the O.J Simpson from the last century? There is surely a lot to learn from the past.


Lastly, it is important to respect the work that attorneys do. They work day and night to make sure somebody else’s life can be saved. Though it is not difficult to get convicted out of the charge, yet it is possible to fight back and eventually claim success in the long run.

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