Meet Tony Pinto, creating ripples of growth in the financial industry like no other.


    A.K.A Pinto supreme serves as the VP, Regional manager at Supreme Lending today, one of the best mortgage lenders in Salt City Lake, UT.

    The way a few industries and sectors have developed over the years, it is quite natural for people to wonder about the reasons that might have helped these industries gain massive momentum and success over the years. Though a few say that technological advent has played a huge role, one also cannot deny the humongous contribution made by a few driven and high-performing professionals, entrepreneurs, experts, creators, founders, and the like. It is more than necessary today to throw some light on the successes of these individuals and professionals, who no matter the competition in the industry, makes sure to go beyond all of that and do something so unique that it can automatically attract people’s attention and turn more heads across the world. The field of lending and finance is the one where many such talented beings have been on a constant rise, and one among them who has been shining brighter each passing day is Tony Pinto. Pinto Supreme, as he is known popularly on social media, has truly brought massive changes in the financial and the lending niches with his astute ideas and visions, serving as a VP Regional Manager at Supreme Lending.

    What has helped Tony Pinto earn more momentum and headlines in his two decades of being in the industry is the fact that he works with the motive to transform lives through his work, which is what he has been doing consistently in the industry. Beginning his journey in mortgage and then as an originator, Tony Pinto began learning the ‘ins and outs’ of the financial sector, with his partner and best friend of 20 years they are holder of multimillion dollars worth of commercial and residential holdings. Then, the passionate being moved to California to his old firm as a Vice President and working there for seven years, he made sure to draw incredible success and growth for him and his company with 23 branches and closing an average 85m a month in loan closings.

    He worked for 12 years in his previous company and then joined Supreme Lending 1.5 years back, which is seen as one of the finest mortgage lenders in Salt City Lake, UT. Supreme Lending has grown as a full-scale mortgage lender having licenses in 50 states and branches spread in the US. The company is now looking forward to opening new branches, offering the best services to homebuyers, and getting them closer to their homeownership dreams. Tony Pinto has thrived off of his rich experience in the industry with this company in just 1.5 years and is already halfway back to the size he was at his old company, with making 1b within two years.

    Tony Pinto is not just an ace regional manager; he is a doting father, living between Southern California and Salt Lake City, Utah. He is a life coach, too, and is into hard money financing and real estate investing in residential and commercial loans.

    Tony Pinto also runs his unique podcast called Mortgage Misfit and helps people broaden their mindsets in lending in a fun and interesting way. In two decades, he has overseen and closed more than 4b in loan funding and in 2022 also closed a business book originating over 50m. People can learn more about him through Instagram @pintosupreme or visit

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