SOJOS: a Top-Selling Eyewear Brand for Which Customer Safety and Satisfaction Is Everything


“Empowerment is at the heart of our philosophy, and what is empowerment without knowledge?” is one of SOJOS’s guiding principles, as well as the reason for their success in the eyewear industry. Knowledge is power. Simple as that. However, the secret still lies in utilizing the knowledge. 

SOJOS has done an excellent job on that count. They didn’t go to libraries and read books about “how to be successful in the eyewear business?”. 

Their founders are vastly experienced in the industry, having worked with many international brands. Then there’s the team that is a keen explorer of what works with people of this age besides being experts at what they do. And with everything right in place, SOJOS is marching forward towards achievement after achievement.

One of the successful brands in the fast-fashion industry, SOJOS has achieved a rating of 4.88 on Amazon after more than four thousand customers. With excellent 99% positive feedback, SOJOS has also got an “Amazon’s Choice” badge for its products multiple times. Since its inception in 2015, Sojos Amazon store has remained a golden goose for the brand.

The broad spectrum of SOJOS customers also includes social media influencers who love SOJOS sunglasses and often post their videos or pictures on Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok. SOJOS Instagram page @sojosvision reshares the images uploaded by fans on its official account, and you might want to check it out. It can be you there tomorrow, who knows? 

With the slogan “see the extraordinary,” SOJOS has no particular destination to stop. It is keen to achieve more success in the industry. It wants to be a top pick for prescription glasses. For this reason, they have made sure that their eyewear remains protected from harmful light and sun rays. Hence, their products today are UV-protected and enough equipped to block blue light from harming eyes in any way. 

The question then comes to mind is that such a brand must be unattainable in terms of price, given everything they offer. Allow us to be concise and frank; you are wrong. 

You might be surprised to know that the starting price of the products at SOJOS is under $5 and goes maximum up to $30-40. SOJOS has been doing business for years in a very professional way. They know how to be ‘everyone’s brand’ in a dominant market with high-priced brands. The team claims that everything they do is based on the satisfaction and safety of their customers. 

We have no reason to disagree. The Amazon store of SOJOS has been enlisted as Amazon Global Stores Top 100 Chinese Export Cross-border Brand issued by Amazon in 2019 and Amazon Global Layout Seller in 2020. And with their continuous extraordinary efforts, we believe more achievements are already on their way.

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