Soheil Bigdeli Addresses Iran in Expo Dubai 2020


    The World Expo is one of the most enormous worldwide exhibitions on the planet intended to feature the accomplishments of countries. It means to assist individuals and countries across the Earth with learning by sharing thoughts, simultaneously showing development, and further clearing the way for progress in fields like innovation and design. This presentation is held in various regions of the planet at a particular site for some time, going normally from three to a half-year. Expo 2020 is as of now facilitated by Dubai in the United Arab Emirates from 1 October 2021 to 31 March 2022.


    Iranian specialists had constantly been a significant piece of Expos, and they have utilized this worldwide stage to fascinate the world with their astounding fine arts. In Expo 2020, Soheil Bigdeli showed up as one of Iran’s representatives and enchanted the world with the excellence of his supreme arts.


    Soheil Bigdeli (with the real name Mohammad Reza Bigdeli) is a youthful and skilled Iranian carpetweaver who was brought into the world on September 2, 1979, in Qom.


    In the same way as other antiqued professions in Iran, carpet weaving is hereditary and most Iranian carpet weavers acquired this occupation from their parents. Notwithstanding most carpet-weavers, Soheil Bigdeli was born into a family with no background in the handmade carpets industry. And he had dominated carpet weaving around, just by perception, experimentation, and his skilled resourcefulness.


    Other than his unadulterated innovativeness, Soheil Bigdeli is renowned among the Iranian carpet weaving society, for inventing a new method of weaving handmade carpets in the Qom silk carpets industry. In his novel strategy, he consolidates unconventional and modern colors, with exemplary examples. In this imaginative strategy, Soheil Bigdeli adroitly compares these original tones in a shockingly beguiling and eye-getting way.


    Soheil Bigdeli was propelled by the traditional Iranian carpet-weavers and their observation. Therefore, the reinforcement of his specialty depends on the inventiveness and serenity of traditional Iranian magnum opuses.


    With his ideal insight and his solid constancy, Soheil Bigdeli constituted his own image. Right up ’til today, the Soheil Bigdeli handmade carpet brand is continually working at the most senior levels of the carpet weaving industry in Iran for more than 10 years.


    Regardless of his young age, Soheil Bigdeli has shown no slip in his profession. He totally centered around his vocation and is going about his business as an artist with outright responsibility and no snare. His incredible focus on his vocation has made him probably the greatest name in the business of carpet weaving in Iran and with these qualities, he is presently representing in Iran’s pavilion in Expo 2020. It isn’t out of hoping to see his piece of art in the best art fairs like Maison and Objet in no time.

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