Charlie Angus Says “I wear the blacklist with pride”

Charlie Angus MP
Charlie Angus MP

OTTAWA – POLITICS – Timmins-James Bay MP Charlie Angus says, “Vladimir Putin has put me on his blacklist of Canadians targeted for challenging his illegal war. Earlier in the conflict, I pushed for a parliamentary motion to rename the street in front of the Russian embassy in Ottawa to honour Ukrainian president Zelensky. Did this get under Putin’s skin? Perhaps but I wear the blacklist with pride.”

“This is an illegal war. Putin is acting like an international criminal. I will not be intimidated by Putin’s blacklist. I will continue to speak up in defence of the Ukrainian people. I think of the Ukrainian people being bombed out of their homes. I think of the ordinary Russian people who have no desire to be dragged into this ugly conflict. I will do what I can to keep Canada focused on pushing to end this brutal and illegal conflict.

“I am one of 300 Canadians, Parliamentarians and activists to wear this badge of honour.”