Banned from Russia – Melillo Says “A Badge of Honour”

Kenora MP Eric Melillo
Kenora MP Eric Melillo

Ottawa – NEWS – Eric Melillo, MP, released the following statement in response to being banned from Russia:

“Russia’s decision to ban me and other Parliamentarians who have stood against the illegal invasion of Ukraine will not deter us from continuing to defend democracy, the rule of law, and the right of the Ukrainian people to live in peace in their sovereign nation.

“I consider this ban a badge of honour,” Melillo added. “I take this opportunity to renew my call for harsh action against Russia.”

The ban came the same day Ukrainian President Zelenskyy addressed Canada’s Parliament to request more support to counter the Russian invasion.

The Conservative Party of Canada has supported the government’s response and called for additional action, including expelling the Russian Ambassador from Canada and doing more to secure Ukraine’s airspace, particularly over the humanitarian corridors to allow Ukrainians to seek safe passage away from the war zone.