YouTube Automation vs. Amazon FBA | Paul Hilse Shares the Best Platform to Generate Passive Income


There are many ways for someone to make money online. Selling products on Amazon, creating and selling courses on Udemy, and starting a blog are only a few. Lately, YouTube has risen to become one of the more popular ways to generate a passive income. This isn’t surprising, as this video-sharing platform is ranked as the second-most popular social network with over 2.3 billion users worldwide as of 2021 (Statista, 2021). According to Forbes estimates, the top ten highest-paid YouTube stars earned over $270 million combined in 2021.

This begs the question, is YouTube really a better platform for generating passive income than any other? As YouTube Automation specialist and viral content creator Paul Hilse explains, YouTube is an excellent platform for generating passive income because it’s so big and has a place for everyone without requiring too much work. He believes that other platforms such as Amazon aren’t worth an entrepreneur’s time as all the work falls on them — source a product, build a brand and a website for that product, handle customer service, etc. The list goes on. But with YouTube, Paul explains that all a person needs to focus on is making videos people want to watch.

On top of that, as Paul Hilse further explains, YouTube’s greatest advantage is automation, which cuts on time investment. “When I first started, I looked into many different business models like SMMA, Amazon FBA, Affiliate Marketing, etc., but YouTube Automation seemed the most appealing to me since it seemed more lucrative, sustainable, and simpler than everything else. So I gave it a shot.”

As Paul goes on to explain, the YouTube Automation (YTA) model is the next step in using YouTube as a source of passive income because the math behind the system is straightforward. The more views a video receives, the more money YouTube earns and the more they payout to you. Rather than focusing exclusively on video marketing, the automation business model emphasizes the creation of viral videos that generate passive income for the channel’s owner.

Paul also points out that the YTA model also entails outsourcing the work that channel owners don’t need to do. “Every part of the video creation process can be automated, or, in this case, outsourced, and you can use your talents elsewhere,” Paul Hilse says. You don’t have to waste time creating a good title and description; you can instead hire a good copywriter. You can lose the whole day editing the video, or you can instead find a video editor who will finish the job faster. That way, you can channel your focus and energy into more important things, such as growing your channel and earning more money.

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