Blackbury Capital, Revealing The Secret Behind Their Successful Trading Methods

Jay Piggin
Jay Piggin

With the tech market’s recent explosion of blockchain technology, Cryptocurrencies and NFT’s have become widely accessible for everyday people to generate substantial wealth. This presents a revolutionary new way for people to thrive and is a window of opportunity that does not come by often, especially of this magnitude.

Blackbury Capital is a proprietary trading firm in Australia founded by Jay Piggin. He is renowned as a top trader in Australia and generates over $100,000.00 per week. Jay and his “right-hand man,” Andrew Bailey, Senior Manager of the firm, teach people how to master financial independence by learning how to beat the financial markets consistently.

The world is currently experiencing a significant shift from the old and broken financial system to the new quantum financial system due to advancements in technology. The duo share, “The world is changing rapidly, and as professional Forex traders, we spend much time studying world economics. One thing that genuinely concerns us is how many people will struggle to maintain a decent quality of life over the next 5 to 10 years if they don’t keep up with where the world is heading.”

Andrew oversees the operations for sales and marketing at Blackbury Capital, as well as mentors students. At 26 years old, he is one of the top traders at the firm and has played a significant part in building the Blackbury Capital mentorship program. The team is convinced that the type of mentor you choose will substantially influence your success and shares, “choosing the wrong mentor can set you back years. You want to learn from the people in the exact position you’re trying to reach,” says Andrew.

Jay advises that the best strategy for those looking to capitalize on the financial markets is to learn how to trade forex first. Then he recommends using that income to invest in cryptocurrency, the Metaverse, and the quantum economic projects.

Alongside teaching people how to trade the financial markets, Blackbury Capital also helps their students leverage the emerging technology of Cryptocurrencies and NFTs to generate income. Students benefit from staying up to date with relevant information on projects and cryptocurrencies that have great potential. The team shares, “We will be giving our students real-time access to Jay’s exact up-to-date cryptocurrency, NFT, and digital real estate portfolio that has resulted in an incredible month on monthly returns over the past 24 months. ”

The new frontier of wealth creation is here with the worldwide mass adoption of Cryptocurrencies and digital assets. As society teeters on the edge of mass adoption of the Metaverse, this provides everyday people an opportunity to create substantial wealth.

The team at Blackbury Capital is not only capable but also trusted by many to guide you to success in the new world of wealth generation.

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