AbsorberYT- Your Favorite Pro Gamer and Content Creator


In today’s time, we are dominated and addicted to technology. It is prevalent in everything we do, and it controls everyone and everything. Technology controls our houses and our cars, but it also controls our mind? Today’s society is riddled and tainted with negative influences from people all over the world who cyberbully and spread this negative energy throughout social media. It is a problem that leaves many hopeless; It affects the mental status of young developing adolescents in the most crucial time of brain development. We need something or someone who is able to change the face of social media through positive actions.

You can rest comfortably because there is a content creator who promotes and advocates for his followers’ mental health awareness and emotional wellbeing. The social media world will be in good hands with this young man. His goal is to make the social media outlet a family-friendly and safe environment for that tune in to watch him. I am talking about Hamzah Saadah, a well-known gamer who was born on March 17, 2003, in a small, remote town in New Jersey. Popularly known as AbsorberYT, Hamzah is a social media phenomenon that has grabbed people’s interest across several social media platforms. His YouTube channel alone has almost 3 million followers. This is in addition to his enormous Tik Tok fanbase with over 5 million subscribers, and in conjunction with his 300,000+ Instagram followers, AbsorberYT has approximately 10 million viewers throughout all of these platforms. For only being eighteen years old, this kind of reach is incredible. How has Hamzah managed to do so much at a young age? As a Palestinian-American individual, Hamzah was always pushed to achieve greatness by his family. He is enthusiastic about acting and aims to be a central character on television or in cinema. Pertaining to what we’ve seen, Hamzah has a God-given talent to perform in front of massive crowds. This is mainly due to and proves the fact that many of his videos have obtained over 5 million views. Hamzah recognizes how to capture his audience, and he has a strong fan base that goes above and beyond his gaming and entertainment background. New supporters are lured in by the exciting and intriguing things he posts. They are connected to him because he is charismatic and the kind of person he is and aspires to be. He aspires for his stream and his audience to have a secure atmosphere where they may be happy and healthy while enjoying his content. His main goal is to create a brand that demonstrates and reflects excellent mental health and love for all of his fans and newcomers who follow him. He hopes that his followers will spread the good word about his streams in order for him to do the most good on social media. Follow him and join his great community and be part of the change.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AbsorberYT

Instagram: https://instagram.com/AbsorberYT

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/absorber

TikTok: https://tiktok.com/@absorber

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