Uzma Naqvi, a transformational coach and a healer reveals a panacea about many problems – Know The Universe Within You.


    After crippling past experiences, 5 suicide attempts, 3 failed marriages and multiple periods of depression, Uzma Naqvi turned her life around and completely reinvented herself as a Transformational Coach. Her story has helped thousands of people all over change their lives for the better!

    Uzma Naqvi coaches with all her heart and soul. She devotes herself fully to this because this is not just a business for her, it’s a value-based part of her life that she can’t do without and has chosen to live with. She looks forward to waking up so she can talk to more women.

    Her coaching methods are unique in the sense that most traditional coaching and even therapy deal with the mind alone. The mind is indeed powerful enough to produce some considerable shifts – but oftentimes we are not left with a complete feeling of satisfaction. That’s the reason she ties the healing process of the mind with the heart which makes her training special and unique. She ensures the inner transformation process is woven together into an unlimited string of possibilities which adds up to one complete package when dealing with all aspects of the mind, heart, body and spirit; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing.

    Her coaching program has been created with a specific aim – to help one identify and rapidly heal the root cause of one’s suffering and roadblocks in your life. The result will be having a path to feeling in control and being able to experience joy in life. This is a year-long program, one that is created in an approach that’s both systematic as well as step-by-step.

    People that go to her are taught how to better connect with their innermost powerful intuition. She doesn’t teach people the coping mechanisms to get away from their pain: just coping and dealing with one situation after the next can be tiresome, but it doesn’t address the root of the problem. She investigates more in-depth situations and then resolves them so that she can eliminate the reasons why people are experiencing unhealthy vibrations as a result.

    Having been through the entire process of traditional therapies, counseling and many other practices and not healing, not feeling whole, not feeling content, she decided to take matters into her own hands and carved her path to healing people with efficient methodologies.

    That is when she decided to create the program.

    The program is called ” The Universe Within You .” It was born out of her finding out that she wasn’t spiritually satisfied or healthy, and also it came from experiencing terrible pain. Searching for answers to these questions in life led her down an intense spiritual journey that ultimately showed her what’s wrong inside and how to fix it, along with a path for maximizing personal growth and happiness.

    Here are the top 5 lessons Usma Naqvi conveys to her audience

    Decide to change

    If you are living in a state where you are sad, angry, out of alignment, depressed, anxious or have any kind of difficulty; know that YOU DO NOT need to live like this. You can change this any time you decide to.

    Find someone who chooses you deliberately

    The power inside of you is unfathomable. If you don’t know how to tap into it then find someone who can help you, choose you deliberately.

    Invest in yourself

    Make a conscious decision to invest in YOURSELF, whether that is energetically, physically or financially. Without focused energy poured into knowing yourself at a deeper level, you cannot make shifts in any significant way.

    Leaving the taboo

    Breaking out of the cycle of taboo subjects like seeking help means there is something wrong with you. 100% of the people in the world have emotional needs which are not met in the exact way they need to have been met, it is okay to heal and move forward.

    Put yourself first. Stop living for others

    Stop living for them, they, he, she, him, her. Once you know yourself, all these relationships will automatically fall into place and if they don’t then they weren’t yours in the first place. Stop holding on to the illusion. Being relational creatures, we need human connection and that is perfectly fine, but not at the expense of losing yourself. The trade is a terrible one and in the end, they won’t stay anyway!

    She is working on a book that talks about breaking the norms and normalizing the idea of conscious living,and ending the cycle of generational passing of pain, regardless of how much resistance you are in. It will inspire you to take back your life, no matter how dire your situation. It breaks into something that’s so much bigger than just one woman; it’s for every woman who feels trapped. She believes writing this book has more meaning beyond her as a person. It’s her way of letting others know there is always an escape route and it all starts with yourself.

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