36 Metric Tonnes of Life-Saving Medical Supplies Lands in Warsaw Bound for Ukraine


WARSAW POLAND – NEWS – A World Health Organization shipment of life-saving medical supplies has arrived in Warsaw for delivery to Ukraine.

Flavio Salio, WHO Emergency Medical Teams Network Leader states, “I’m here in Poland where 36 metric tonnes of medical supplies have just landed, destined for Ukraine. We have surgical supplies to treat the wounded, as well as medicine for all other diseases that do not stop for war.”

“The supplies will be moved into trucks to the border with Ukraine, and then further, to support the affected health system.”

36 tonnes of supplies arrived from WHO’s warehouse in Dubai and more is en route as the need continues rising across Ukraine. This shipment includes trauma supplies to meet the needs of 1,000 patients requiring surgical care, and other medical supplies to meet the needs of a population of 150,000 people.

Health facilities and health workers in Ukraine are in dire need of supplies to continue treating casualties as well as people who are ill from other conditions. WHO strongly calls for safe passage for these and other humanitarian and health deliveries.