Phillip Kramer: Why He is Considered a Role Model in His Field


Some find success accidentally, some are groomed for it since birth, some leapfrog to it off the back of others, some court success the old-fashioned way, through good old hard work, and some simply find themselves in the right place at the right time when success comes knocking. Yet there are some who actively seek and secure success against all the odds. These rare types are successful despite circumstances and not because of them. Such individuals are not only inspiring and impressive, but they are often considered role models in their field. Take Phillip Kramer, for example.

The e-commerce leader is often hailed as a role model because he achieved success on his terms and without anyone’s help. Along the way, he’s encountered numerous challenges as well as setbacks, but he has never complained, never quit, and is renowned for his quiet dignity. Phillip Kramer has a solid reputation because he achieves without bragging and is successful without being arrogant. His success is his and his alone.

“I suppose the seeds were sown when I graduated from university and was asked to return and help the family business which was in dire financial straits,” explains Phillip Kramer, who had self-financed his college education through a series of menial and blue-collar jobs. He adds, “Through a combination of hard work and creativity, I not only was fortunate enough to save the company but began to grow it significantly. I eventually sold it just before the financial crash of 2009 and set my parents up for retirement. Yet the experience had given me a taste of how rewarding success could be, not just in financial terms, but in terms of creating more jobs for the community and being an architect of my destiny.”

Breaking into the world of e-commerce, Phillip Kramer showed a natural aptitude for founding brands that stood out, worked, and that are capable of exponential growth. His success has been monumental and only matched by his reputation as a team player who has a habit of helping others reach their true potential. He is a role model for many but typical of his modest nature; he refuses to let it get to his head. He explains, “Success doesn’t automatically make you a better person, but it does give you the tools to make the world a better place, and that’s where I’m at.”

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