Ways to Stop Fire Spread

Fire Spread
Fire Spread

Fire can be devastating and the aftermath leaves unrecoverable damage, especially human life. Nobody wants to find himself amid a fire outbreak because the mortality rate is very high in fire outbursts. The common answer to how to stop the spread of fire lies in the question i.e. why does fire starts? The moment you realize the only way you can stop a fire to spread is to eliminate all the factors that cause a fire is where half the battle is won. Fire not just burn down a building but also threaten precious human lives. In this article, we will be covering the steps you can take to stop a fire outbreak.

Before going straight to the point let us know what are the factors which can cause a fire to start.

 Appliances: Every household is filled with numerous appliances from geysers, refrigerators, dishwashers, ACs, washing machines, microwaves, televisions, heaters, electric kettles, etc. Though these appliances make life very easy but they are also the root cause of many household fires.

Smoker’s Material: Many people have the habit of smoking different substances out of which cigarette is the most common. It is also the most common factor for household fire. It is very vital to ensure that any smoker’s material is completely put out before disposing of it.

Damaged Electrical Wiring: This is one of the major factors responsible for household fires. Cluttered and damaged electrical wiring often result in a spark that turns into huge flames in a matter of second. So ensure all the electrical wiring is properly assembled and damage-free.

Flammable Items: Every household has tons of flammable items. Identify all of them and store them at a place where even if they start a fire it can easily be controlled.

Gas Leak: Gas supplied to houses is very flammable and people often overlook the risk associated with it. Forgetting to switch off the stove knob can result in a gas leak

Now coming back to the topic of how to stop the fire spread? As said above the answer to it lies in identifying the root cause factors of a fire outbreak along with following recommendations made by fire watch guards and fire safety experts. The most common ways through which a fire can be contained are as follows.

Fire Alarm and Sprinklers: Similar to fire extinguishers the fire alarms if working properly can alert the residents of the building of a potential fire outbreak and the sprinkler system can put off a fire real quick.

Fire Doors: Fire doors are made with such material that they can confine the fire in a particular area and stop it from spreading rapidly.

Fire Risk Assessment: Investing in fire management may seem a hefty task but it’s worth every penny. Professional firefighters and fire watch guards can inspect the whole building and assess the fire risk and make recommendations to avoid fire outbreaks.

 Awareness: It’s is the most important factor of all. If people are aware of how a fire starts and how to stop a fire the statistics of fire outbreaks around the world would see a steep decline. People should know the drills and the steps to make their house a safe house from fire.

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