Empowering Kharadi By Providing Much Needed Aid To The Public Healthcare System: Surendra Pathare Foundation

Surendra Bapusaheb Pathare
Surendra Bapusaheb Pathare

Surendra Bapusaheb Pathare is a young enthusiast and a social worker who aims at bringing change in society by strengthening the healthcare sector. He believes that merely empowering the industrial sector will not bring significant growth, but spreading awareness about health and precaution will. Therefore, the Surendra Pathare Foundation extended his hands to help the people of Kharadi during the pandemic by organizing health camps, vaccination drives, distributing health kits, and free sanitization. We can only move towards development when citizens are healthy, safe, and well-aware of the diseases that can lead to further health related issues. After all, the nation’s growth depends on the health of the citizens of that nation.

Everyone one should give preference to their health to live a healthier and long life. The motive of the Surendra Pathare Foundation is to develop sensitivity and seriousness among the people in respect to their health so that they get it treated as early as possible. Surendra Pathare Foundation had stepped into the health sector when it was much needed, amid the second wave of COVID in April when number of people affected with a chronic variant of coronavirus was rapidly increasing. Surendra Pathare Foundation added the free sanitization service to its toll-free number and created the team to take charge on the ground level. With their free sanitization service, SPF completed the sanitization of 150 societies/lane and 200+ individual homes in six hours. Next, SPF organized Maharashtra’s largest   vaccination drive. It provided a significant aid to government’s goal of speeding up the vaccination process. This doorstep vaccination drive successfully provided more than 53000 doses of vaccine, in total. SPF collaborated with the ACT group to render free vaccination to the deprived section of the society, which observed the success of vaccination with 4000 people getting vaccinated.

It has been observed that in the underprivileged section of our society, girls’ health is being ignored, which drastically affects their lives. SPF on 11th October, on occasion of  the International Day Of The Girl Child, organized free health check-up camps across Kharadi. This camp successfully checked- up 762 girls and identified that 302 girls are suffering from Anemia and other hemoglobin disorders. The tests proved that the most common factor of females’ disorder is their low hemoglobin. SPF prepared the customized health kits according to the requirement of each girl, which consisted of dates, dry fruits, and the two-month medication. Surendra Bapusaheb Pathare believes that ‘to care for a girl child today is to care for the future of our nation tomorrow!’ SPF also assured that health kit will be provided again if required.

Beside that, Surendra Pathare Foundation also organized a blood donation camp to collect the maximum units of blood to prevent its shortage amid COVID third wave. Till now, SPF has organized two blood donation camps, first in 26th January 2021 and second on 26th January 2022. SPF was able to collect 1644 bags of blood in first camp and in its second year the number went upto 3454 blood bags. More than 30 children who are suffering from Thalassemia were provided with blood collected in first year. SPF has committed to organize blood donation camp every year to support the government and private healthcare centers with sufficient blood. Surendra Bapusaheb Pathare, on the numerous initiatives, said, “It is all these small steps which together amount to a great journey.” He believes that together we can attain holistic growth by participating in such initiatives to bring positive change in society.


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