As Per ImTheJay, Audience Loyalty Is A Big Scoring Point For Artists


There are two kinds of artists; one that produces art for art and the second that produces art for an audience. And we fully understand that neither is in any way better than the other. Humanity needs both kinds of artists to expand the boundaries of creativity, imagination and progress. ImTheJay is an artist of the latter kind and she is swiftly progressing up the ranks with a steady fan-following. Here she shares a few insights on why artists should stay authentic with their fans.

“My art is an extension of my audience and my audience is an extension of my art”, says ImTheJay. For her, it is impossible to create art without, first, being authentic to her fans. She further adds that her audience “takes the center stage in her life and work.” And therefore, the better she knows their pulse, and what affects them and how, the better her quality of work.

ImTheJay’s forward-looking approach to life and work reflects not only in her art, but also in her business decisions. Says she, “I put the audience ahead of me and my creations. It is very important that they get the true essence of what I create.”

“In a connected world, it is very important to be authentic,” says ImTheJay. As any artist in this digital era would do, ImTheJaytoo stays active through social media with her fans. Gone are the days when artists were insulated from the rest of the world. Today, social media has changed the rules of the game, says ImTheJay. According to her, this new revolutionary way of living and thinking “has been brought about by social media. The emergence of social media has made it necessary for artists to stay authentic with their fans,” she says.

As an artist, ImTheJay is always looking for ways to build content. And she does this by “staying authentic with my fans, I am able to have meaningful connections with them. This also helps my brand and my music stay relevant to my audience.”

As artists of the 21st century are finding new ways to build a fan-following, the pressure on them to stay connected with their fans in ways that the audience is able to relate to, is ever increasing. Audience loyalty is a big scoring point for many artists today. Artists like ImTheJay are in the forefront of these evolving standards, and are setting new trends and breaking new grounds to bridge the gap between artists and their audience.

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