Ahmad J. Azmi on the Importance of Overcoming Your Fears to Take That First Step


One of the largest stumbling blocks for most people is letting go of their fears. And it’s one of the main reasons why so many passions remain unexplored. According to Ahmad J. Azmi, living a passion-based life is very freeing, and so, it is crucial that people work on finding their passions and then overcoming their fears. And the fear of pursuing this path only compounds the struggle of finding where your interests lie.

Ahmad J. Azmi is an investor, entrepreneur, and military veteran. While his time serving in the army taught him many valuable skills and lessons, Ahmad explains that it would have been for nothing if he hadn’t mustered the courage to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams once he returned to civilian life.

“Some people take the long route, and that’s okay; the bottom line is to rise above the fear and make the most of your passion,” says Ahmad J. Azmi. He also notes that for most people, that fear is centered around starting. The first step is usually the hardest to take. That is why he advocates for people to just start. “You’ve done the thinking and the planning; now, it’s time to execute.”

When you begin to doubt the validity of your passions, procrastination begins to creep in, and one day, you find that years have passed, and your ideas are just collecting dust. Ahmad says that he always knew he was passionate about entrepreneurship; he only needed to start. And once he took that first step, it gave him the courage to explore other fields and the room to grow even further.

Everyone wants certain things out of life, and more importantly, everyone wants to live a good life. However, to achieve this, you need to overcome your fears and step into the arena. This is why Ahmad J. Azmi says that until you let go of your fears and try, you will never know where your passions lie or where they could lead.


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