The Day Trade Professor Advocates Financial Freedom through Day Trade Coaching


    You are obviously aware of the endless scams on the internet selling crypto and stocks advice. Selling courses on financial advice is quite common. According to a top influencer, the Professor, education and transfer of knowledge must not be held back by a mere few dollars. What a noble thought!

    Let’s get to know the man who works tirelessly and advocates financial freedom through free day trade coaching. 

    Who is The Day Trade Professor?

    The Professor’s philanthropic endeavors come from his humble upbringing that taught him the value of hustle, education, and helping others in need. Today, he lives his life with a mix of all three! He is a popular day trade professor who has a unique online platform to help people seeking advice on day trade or the knowledge of crypto and stocks. If you are sick and tired of following the likes of Kardashians and all those influencers who suck the essence of reality from the platform, then he is the one to follow. 

    Professor educates his followers live on Instagram and YouTube four times a week. He leads 2 shows on Tuesday and Friday night. The first revolves around achieving the integral trading mindset and learning how to discipline yourself as a trader. Professor understands that success is a mindset that needs to be acquired and adopted. And that is how he empowers his followers through emotional training.

    The second show educates his mentees on technical aspects of day trade. He guides members on how to find entries and exits on trade. Also communicates with them, helping them with their queries and breaking the complexities of the trading market into easy-to-understand content. Having a background in teaching, he knows how to take out time and patience to teach his students. It is the type of teaching service that many charge thousands of dollars for, but the Professor shares everything for free!

    His website is home to some of the most informative day trading content with intelligently curated day trading courses, books, and tech support. There is something for all kinds of day traders and whether you are working in stocks, crypto, or forex. The Professor can teach you how to master your game. Most of his content on the website is free of cost, and it is helping hundreds and thousands of students, especially youth, in gaining financial independence. He has authored a free trading book ‘How to be a consistent trader’ which is a complete guide to everything you need to know about trading and investing in stocks and cryptocurrencies. The book is free and easily accessible. 

    The Professor  also offers a 4-day virtual seminar, a detailed course on trading. It is the only platform he charges for and he likes to keep it small with up to 20 students at a time. It helps him connect with the students and provides a unique experience of learning and understanding the complex world of finance. 

    Here is how you can reach the Day Trade Professor:

    Instagram @daytradeprofessor

    Twitter @daytradeprof

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