Demee Koch’s DE MOI: A holistic vision from vanity to self-care


DE MOI has gained global recognition due to its eccentric products and the planet-conscious approach.

Demee Koch has been making a name in the health and beauty industry with her rich experience of more than two decades. She has dwelled deep into the subject of beauty and related matters and emerged as one of the most well-equipped professionals who has established her own cosmetic product brand DE MOI. It is being praised globally for its strong stance of beauty inside and out, and how it’s replacing vanity with self-care in the beauty industry. She created the brand in 2018, to fulfill her two desires, one to create a world-class beauty product brand and the second to lend her hands behind various social causes she supports. Her two-decade-year-old experience did come into play when she established her own brand. She was able to forge relationships with international clients and gained respect from business counterparts across the globe.

She has held various forums, speaking on many occasions on the subject of conscious beauty and entrepreneurship, health, and self-care. Furthermore, she has received many awards and recognition, including the most influential Filipinas in the world by Global FWN and as Ambassador of Peace by Universal Peace Federation UK, an NGO with general consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations. Demee is also on the Board of Advisory of the boxing brand SPARBAR.  She recently joined the company LUXVIVENDI as a board member. She is also a member of the Forbes Business Council, an invitation-only organization for successful small and mid-sized business owners where she can share her experience in leadership and promote ideas about conscious entrepreneurship.

Talking about her brand DE MOI which has a team of experienced professionals like Swiss-based and international specialists, Dr. Christoph Koch and Dr. SC. Nat. ETH Hans-E. Holzgang makes the company well-equipped in creating world-class products of the highest quality. Furthermore, each team member has been involved as an advisor or investor in the Beauty, Wellness, Sports, Fashion, and Pharma industry.

DE MOI has established a wide presence owing to its conscious, result-focused, and unparalleled quality of products that have impressed users worldwide as they give spectacular results. Hence, DE MOI has created revolutionary products that enhance the beauty in power and lead people to do great things in life. DE MOI has truly risen to the top as a leader in conscious beauty.

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