Ottawa Mayor to Truckers: ‘Get Outta Dodge’


OTTAWA – Mayor Jim Watson says “It’s time the truck convoy supporters went home”.

“It really is despicable behaviour and my message to the truckers is you’ve had your protest, you’ve had your rally, time to go back home,” states the frustrated Mayor of Ottawa.

Ottawa Police have a number of criminal investigations underway, including one over persons urinating on the National Indigenous War Memorial.

“The public are completely fed up, as am I,” says Mayor Watson. “We would love to see them go tomorrow. We think they should have gone yesterday.”

That might not happen just yet, the Freedom Convoy has said that they are in Ottawa until the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

Chris Sky has reportedly announced he is headed to Ottawa. The anti-vaccine / anti-masker has been quiet recently – mostly due to his accounts on many social media networks being removed.

However he has reportedly stated that the press conference with Prime Minister Trudeau was “The last straw” and is now headed to Ottawa.

The Prime Minister says he will not meet with the protesters. Currently the Prime Minister is in COVID-19 isolation.

The cost of police security during the protest is at $800,000 a day according to Ottawa Police.

Mayor Watson states that the demonstrations are bothering residents, and negatively impacting small businesses.