Top Ten Billboard Artist Joins Smoke Shop Click Records

Faided on The Beat
Faided on The Beat

Smoke Shop Click Records are proud to announce that critically acclaimed and Billboard charting artist Faided has joined the label as its very own In-House Producer.

A talent that is in hot demand in the industry, he has been crafting beats and releasing music in his own right since 2014. Hip hop rhythms with luxurious grooves are the order of the day and his 5 albums to date are a testament to his mastery in the recording studio. There is no clearer evidence of that when you realize the caliber of the artists he has worked with.

From collaborating with rappers such as Kokane, Philly Freeway, Mac Lucci, Big Doty, C-Bo, Glasses Malone, and Eazy E-3 to the notorious Freeway Rick Ross on his debut album Faided on The Beat, he has been delivering on his own West Coast sound to a growing audience of fans. That initial album was a launchpad for a career that has fulfilled every promise he has made.

In 2021 that reputation was solidified with his latest album ‘This a Faided Beat’. With a 10-track collection of imperious beats and a fusion of hypnotic melodies and laidback vibes, ‘This a Faided Beat’ is proof positive that you don’t need a rhyme to capture a Hip Hop tip to define your musical legacy. Sometimes it is enough to hit the high points with instrumentals alone.

A genuine, authentic and original artist, Faided does occasionally enhance his work with his own lyrical flow to give his music some of that added texture. However, it is his multitalented approach to production as a whole that gets him at the front of people’s minds when it comes to the music they need.

That talent was immediately identified by industry svengali Tiffany Gaines who brought in Faided as executive producer on the immensely successful album ‘Tiffany Gaines Exclusives’. Featuring a mesmerizing collection of artists including F Goldie Gold, Cash Kidd, Icewear Vezzo, Saucy E, Cousin Fik, Choose Up Cheese, Mark White, FMB Jocahvelly, Baby Tron, Rio Da Youg OG and more, the compilation soared up the iTunes Hip Hop charts. Eventually reaching #2 and only beaten out by DJ Khalid, Faided is continuing to cement his position as a producer to be reckoned with.

Recognizing that impressive pedigree and determined to secure his skills, it was a natural progression for Smoke Shop Click Records to come knocking and sign him to the label; creating a perfect synergy between its roster of artists and the final product. Respecting the legacy of the label, Faided will be taking their music to the next level and as the world enters 2022, the future for the label is as bright as it ever was.

“You can have a million in cash and still won’t be able to get through doors. Be humble and anything is possible” #ThisisFaided


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