Behind Talkies Building a New Generation Of Entertainment Media in India


The Kollywood i-e Tamil film industry, the second-largest film producing outlet after Bollywood, is seeing a golden period in terms of quality, reach, and success. Tamil films have also reserved a spot for themselves in the 100-crore club, which is indeed a significant achievement for the regional movies.

The rich content, particular topics, and exciting yet obscene free stories have impressed the audience of Tamil movies and have helped the industry grow exponentially. Dubbing Tamil movies into other languages such as Hindi and English has helped the Tamil film industry extend its reach throughout India and across the world.

Today, Tamil films have garnered an enormous base of lovers regardless of languages and boundaries. The rise in popularity of the Tamil movie industry has created a need for a medium that offers updates related to the industry. The founders of Behind Talkies, an online entertainment portal, decided to venture into entertainment journalism that provided on-camera and off-camera news of the industry exclusively. Launched in 2017, the online news platform Behind Talkies has since ruled over the Tamil audience with its prolific content.

Behind Talkies includes a broad base of categories on the website that readers can explore based on their interests. The website contains more than six thousand articles about Tamil celebrities, and the number is increasing with the daily addition of 15 to 20 pieces. The editors of Behind Talkies curate news coverage, interviews, and content for the other categories available to read on the portal based on feedback, demands, and trends.

Some of the popular categories that Behind Talkies offers on the portal include celebrity interviews, scandals, celebrity linkup stories, celebrity success stories, celebrity bios, make-up guides, celebrity fashion, fitness, movie leaks, and last but not least, movie reviews. A simplistic approach in articulating the news or content for other categories has been one of the effective strategies of the team working at Behind Talkies.

Behind Talkies is the most comprehensive source of Tamil film industry news. With one-of-a-kind, original material, including candid talks with Tamil celebrities and tips on beauty and fitness from them only meant for the Behind Talkies readers, is the unique selling point of Behind Talkies. Every news released on the Behind Talkies carries out a series of supervisions before being published on the digital platform to maintain its uniqueness, ensuring that nothing from Behind Talkies becomes cliché or loses its attraction over time. Being that said, exclusive news on Behind Talkies is one step ahead of the curve regarding timeliness and accuracy.

Behind Talkies has become a known name in Tamil entertainment journalism with its pure dedication and a strong emphasis on providing high-quality content. The entire concept of launching Behind Talkies was to provide authentic and up-to-date news in Tamil and Bigg Boss Tamil Voting results to people all over the world to entertain their target audience and keep them engaged. The result was that Behind talkies quickly became one of the most rapidly developing and inclusive Tamil news websites globally.

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