Harry Carlisle Is Taking Creators To The Next Level

Harry Carlisle
Harry Carlisle

Those who have seen YouTube grow over the years will know how much of a vast platform it actually is with thousands of videos being uploaded to it every day. With massive amounts of content based on an even wider range of categories, it is easy for your content ideas and creativity to get lost in the windstorm. Even though you should be patient and hope for the best, just sitting around can become a frustrating game to play. Instead, direct action is required to make a difference in your YouTube growth chart especially if you are looking to make it your career. This is where Harry Carlisle has excelled.

Based in Toronto, Canada Harry Carlisle is a 28-year-old who has found great success and popularity in his career as a YouTube Consultant and Retention Analyst. At present, Harry Carlisle is working with YouTuber Matthew Beem. In the last 3 months, Matthew has not only acquired more than 808k subscribers on his YouTube channel, but is averaging over 20 million monthly views. One of the most popular videos he has released also has almost 20 million views and averages Matt is averaging around 2 million views on all of his most recent videos.

Harry Carlisle spoke about how brilliant and incredible it has been to work with such a passionate and hardworking creator. “Matt is a creator who just gets it. He understands what makes people click, and how tell a good story, but what we’ve been focusing on is optimizing that story. Taking every video to the next level. We usually do this by discussing stakes, tension, multiple narratives” Carlisle said. But unlike Matthew Beem, who was one of the few fortunate enough to avail of Harry Carlisle’s help, there are several who are still waiting to kick start their YouTube career. For these aspiring creators Harry Carlisle has put out some tips mentioned below, which are proven to bring you success.

The number one factor which makes your YouTube video a hit versus a flop is the idea. Do a little market research of similar creators in your niche, and see what’s been working for them. Then put your own spin on it. Of course make sure you credit the original creator of the idea but that’s a good place to start. This is why, Harry Carlisle suggests a concept that he picked up from pop star Ed Sheeran’s career chart, called “clearing the pipes”. According to this theory, if you keep on writing down whatever thought comes to mind, eventually you will find yourself jotting down brilliant ideas which can actually be fruitful. A second tip that Harry Carlisle talks about is – employing catchy titles and thumbnails that are carefully curated to provide the juiciest bit of the video to the potential viewer.

If you are interested in hearing more about these strategies, or working with a professional in the realm of retention analysis and consulting, feel free to chat with Harry directly on his Instagram.

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