How A Fall Detection Device Can Help Save Your Life

Concerns Over Inadequate Support for Diabetic Care Highlighted by CARP
Concerns Over Inadequate Support for Diabetic Care Highlighted by CARP

A fall detection device helps you access help in case you fall. By pressing the emergency button, you can get help. 

Some of the people who can benefit from using a fall detection device are:

  • The elderly, especially if they are living alone
  • People experiencing balance and mobility medical challenges
  • Medical conditions that can lead to blood sugar fluctuations
  • People prone to heart attack and stroke
  • Lone workers in risky places

Choosing a high-quality fall detection device can be challenging because of the many options available in the market. A few tips that can help you make the right choice are highlighted below:

 Factors to consider when choosing a fall detection device

 To choose the best fall detection device, consider the following;

  • Features. Get one with the following features; cellular connectivity, call capability, location and tracking options, and general home security monitoring features.
  • Qualities of the fall detection device; choose a waterproof, wearable fall detection device with a wide coverage range and battery life. The setup procedures, mobility from one location to another, and scalability are other qualities to consider.
  • Monitoring and response options
  • Cost. Various factors influence the price of a fall detection device. They are; fees, insurance, tax, and guarantees. Cancellation policy, discounts, and contract period will also influence the price.
  • Availability of the service in your residential area

   How a fall detection device can help save a life

Fast response in case of a medical emergency can help save lives. A fall detection device can help you access fast medical help in life-threatening incidents. During such incidents, victims can call for help using fall detection devices.

  1.   Break-ins and assault

Robbery and break-in incidents can occur even with the best security systems in your home. To access help through phone or other means may be impossible because the criminals may notice and inflict pain or cause bodily harm. Seniors and people living with disabilities are easy targets for violence.

  1.   Essential safety device for lone workers and hikers

There are significant injuries that lone workers suffer due to a fall, slip, or trip. In case they can’t reach help, by the time authorities at the workplace find out, it may be too late to save their lives. Fall detection devices are crucial during hiking. It is challenging to keep track of hikers and for their safety, wearing a fall detection device is vital. They can access help in case of any challenges they may face during their hiking expedition. In case of an unfortunate fall incident, the relevant help authorities can get the alert and help save the victim.

  1.   Fatal accidental falls

Reports show an increase in injury-related deaths for seniors resulting from falls. Seniors are at a higher risk of losing balance and experiencing fatal side effects of medications that could affect their balance and nervous system leading to falls. It is advisable to get a fall detection device that has automatic fall detection for seniors because, in some instances, they may not be able to press the help button. 

  1.   Fire incidents

National fire associations reports show that seniors are the most likely victims to die in case of fire accidents. Seniors and any fire accident victim may access instant help through fall detection devices to save their lives. 

  1.   Road accidents

Wearing a fall detection device while on the go is advisable as it can help you find help in case of a road accident. A fall detection device is GPS enabled to enable medical help to trace the victim. Again, after an accident, you may suffer shock, and tracing your phone and recalling or tracing the emergency numbers may take time and delay medical attention that could help save a life.

There are a few other measures that you can take to prevent falls at home and the workplace. It is advisable to visit a doctor regularly for medical checkups, and diagnosis can help treat conditions that could cause falls. Enrolling in regular exercises to enhance mobility and balance is a good idea for the elderly. They may practice Pilates and yoga as per their medical doctor’s advice. 

Remember to enhance your home safety. The security measures you can take are to remove tripping hazards at home and office. Tripping hazards at home are cables, electrical wires, and floor rugs. Having anti-slip mats and warnings on slippery floors can also help prevent falls. Even after taking such safety measures, a fall detection device is necessary as it can access help fast in case of a fall.

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