Experts at Naru Organics shares 3 everyday skincare ingredients you may not know are harming your skin


The world of beauty and cosmetics is vast, especially as new products hit the market every other day. With this comes a lot of conflicting opinions as everyone tries to explain why certain items are better than others. For example, while one person prefers exfoliator ‘A,’ someone else will claim that the same product ruined their skin. This is Kaitlin Polk created Naru Organics: to step into the space and offer cosmetic products that are natural, safe, and good for the skin. Kaitlin wanted to create an organic, natural, non-toxic self-tanner after years of constantly getting allergic reactions to many conventional beauty products on the market. So, she started educating herself on which ingredients to avoid and which were safe. As a result, she created Naru’s self-tanner with only safe, natural, and non-toxic ingredients.

According to Naru Organics, the trick with cosmetics and beauty products is knowing which ingredients work for you and which don’t. Therefore, it is imperative to avoid getting swept up in trends as it’s your skin and body you are putting on the line. That said, Naru Organics recommends that everyone stay away from these three common ingredients that are harming rather than helping your skin:



Parabens have been used as artificial preservatives in beauty products since the 1920s. Now, the words “artificial” and “preservatives” send red flags up, especially when it comes to items we are applying to or ingesting into our bodies. While these substances inhibit the growth of harmful mold and bacteria, they can also cause skin irritation. Some studies have even suggested these chemicals can disrupt endocrine function and could be carcinogenic. To say paraben exposure is widespread would be a gross understatement since a 2006 study detected parabens in urine samples taken from adults in every demographic group in the United States. If you see ingredients such as propylparaben, butylparaben, and isobutylparaben, on a label, they all belong to this chemical category.


Synthetic Dyes & Fragrances 

To the relief of countless consumers, more companies are beginning to eliminate the use of synthetic dyes and fragrances in their products as they tend to set off nasty allergic reactions. This is good since synthetic dyes and fragrances can irritate your skin and respiratory system, and they can even become a toxic cocktail. This is due to (very) loose restrictions on disclosing what is actually in beauty and wellness products; the single ingredient of artificial color or artificial fragrance can mask a wide array of harmful chemicals. And yes, these chemicals can permeate the skin and find their way into your body.


Polyethylene Glycol 

Polyethylene glycol (PEG) is a petroleum derivative found in a large number of beauty products. Not only is it bad for your skin, but the refining process is terrible for the environment. PEGs are used as thickeners, hydrators, and humectants. Since they add to the absorption process, they allow harmful substances, including themselves, to leach into the body. PEGs are especially concerning because they contain the known carcinogens ethylene oxide and 1,4 dioxane. Exposure to the substances can cause nerve damage. In fact, ethylene dioxide was used as a nerve gas in World War I. Oh, PEGs are also used as laxatives and are the star ingredient in the fluid consumed before a colonoscopy. Do you really want that in your beauty products?


Naru Organics products do not contain parabens, synthetic dyes, fragrances, polyethylene glycol, or any other harmful ingredients. It’s easy to damage your skin and very hard to repair; this is why you should find products that are natural and gentle to your body. Since the skin is already exposed to damaging elements every day, it is crucial to opt for safer, natural products with safe ingredients like the ones created by Naru Organics.

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