Adil Akhtar, a dynamic Indian entrepreneur, sets the right examples of success among the youth.


Adil has come forward to talk about expanding businesses through his experiences.

It is wonderful to know and read about people who always make sure to carve their unique journey, not just to stay apart from others but also to create their definition of success. All of this, however, only sounds easier than implementing it, but it is individuals like Adil Akhtar who have been showing people, especially the youngsters, the right path to choose to get closer to growth and success. Young professionals and entrepreneurs like him have been instilling so much patience, hope, and motivation in them to make them more determined towards their goals and work with the attitude of “I can achieve anything I want.”

The much-talked-about Indian entrepreneur is a growing name in the world of business and entrepreneurship in India and other parts of the world, thanks to the utmost honesty he has shown in his work and his mental fortitude to keep walking his path, no matter what. This is what he wants other up-and-coming talents to also understand, as he believes that it will help them become more confident in their endeavours.

Adil Akhtar has now come forward to also talk about how budding entrepreneurs can expand their businesses. He says that people must first focus on serving their current customers right and sell more products and/or services to them. It is essential to dive deeper into the existing customer base to perform a market segmentation analysis for identifying the customers that are more likely to buy from them. This helps in knowing their potential profitability when selling them new products and services. With this information, entrepreneurs can better allocate their marketing and sales dollars.

Further, he explains that they should keep adding new services and products to their mix, depending on what their target audience wants or need and how willing they are to pay for the same. Carrying out market research is necessary here, he points out, to focus on customer demands for new products and services, which can eventually help them expand their business if the products become a hit. Adding more, Adil Akhtar also says that it is important to reach the untapped markets as well to reach more audiences and increase more demand in them.

As a 27-year-old, he followed the above points and expanded his business in England, apart from India. Today, he is rigorously working towards expanding it in Dubai and many other parts worldwide in the coming years.

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