Meet the rising artist Just Listen who is taking over the music world

Just Listen
Just Listen

Music is one of the universal cultural aspects of all human societies. It is an art of arranging sounds in time through the elements of melody, harmony, rhythm, and timbre. Music comes in various forms and someone special is needed to master this art.

One such multitalented recording artist is Just Listen known widely for his melodic sounds and edgy style. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Just Listen was recently Signed by American Hip Hop legend Mase (Rich Fish Records). He gives his full potential to the music which is why his fan following is growing at a fast pace.

During his early years, Just Listen discovered that he loved music in a different way. Starting out as just a joke, he and his friends gathered around in a big circle after school and had freestyle music sessions. Unaware of his true talent, JustListen didn’t know that one day people would eventually start loving rap. When started posting his music online, it grabbed a lot of attention from listeners which then turned into a buzz.

Recognising his talent, just Listen took a risk and moved to Atlanta, Georgia in 2017 which led his carrier to skyrocket immediately.

With his career, Just Listen has been an independent recording artist who has not been afraid to forge his own path, and who creates original and fresh songs that reflect his personality and ambition. He has built his large following on the basis of his pure talent and his musical art captures the emotion and power of his best work

With his hard work in the music industry, today Just Listen can be seen alongside today’s biggest celebrities, viral social media influencers, and well-known fashion companies such as Sprayground.

Just Listen has also launched his own merchandise and news at and his social media handle is @RealJustListen. now the world is waiting to hear what he has to offer in his debut project.

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