What Sets Maura Wasescha AG Apart from Competitors in the Luxury Real Estate Market


Like many other industries, real estate is a very competitive field. And it is even more so in the luxury real estate market, where Maura Wasescha AG has carved out a space for itself. This company approaches the market as more than just a sales industry. It believes in delivering a complete experience for its clients, and this is how it has gained a competitive advantage over other players in the space.

Maura Wasescha AG is a renowned name in the luxury real estate space with an extensive portfolio of high-end clients. The company’s portfolio stretches to the finest properties and locations in the world. Its luxury services also extend to exquisite interior designs. Maura Wasescha, the CEO & Founder of the company, has been in the luxury real estate industry for 43 years. This has armed her with a lot of industry knowledge that comes in handy in her daily dealings.

According to Maura, the luxury real estate market has experienced drastic shifts over the past couple of years. This is due to changing consumer needs and the entrance of new players into the space. However, Maura Wasescha AG has continued to thrive due to its business model that puts client needs as its number one priority. Wasescha explains that absolute confidentiality is a must for luxury clients. Therefore, it all boils down to creating lasting relationships with these clients.

Maura Wasescha AG has managed to thrive in the space by incorporating humanism into its business approach. Their clients are not just another opportunity to make a sale; they take special care to ensure that each client is happy with what they get. Customers today want to work with companies and individuals they can entrust their time with, and Maura Wasescha AG surely leaves no stone unturned in this regard.

Maura Wasescha’s popularity in the space has also given her company an edge over competitors. She has done marketing with some of the biggest names in Hollywood, including, but not limited to, Al Pacino, Keanu Reeves, and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Maura Wasescha AG is a force to reckon with in the luxury real estate space, and we wish them the very best in future endeavors.

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