Peekaboo Launches New Adult Content Site in Multi-Billion-Dollar Industry


    The booming adult content industry, estimated at just under $13 billion, is getting a much-needed shake-up. Amidst big players like OnlyFans pulling the plug on adult content or making it impossible for these creators to make money, one man just launched a new website built specifically for adult content creators who are ready to take their legitimate business to the next level: Peekaboo.

    “One in five mobile searches are for adult content, and an estimated $3,000 is spent on adult content every second on the internet. The industry still operates in a shadowy economy, forced to deal with demonetization and the stigma that comes with the adult industry. It’s not right that sites like OnlyFans take 20-30% of these creators’ profits, then force them off the platform and leave them high and dry,” says David Goelz, a finance and accounting expert putting his MBA to use on a new adult platform. “That’s why I created Peekaboo—the platform allows creators to have a more equitable partnership in their business.”

    Here’s our exclusive Q&A with Goelz on how Peekaboo is transforming the adult content business.

    Q: What issues are adult content creators currently facing?

    A: Sites like OnlyFans and AVN Stars are announcing that they’re either removing the option for adult creators to be paid for their work, or banning adult content altogether. It’s my mission to give these creators a place where they can build their own legitimate business and get paid for their work legally, which is the only way we can move forward in destigmatizing adult content. Statistics show that everyone is watching this content, but nobody wants to talk about it or pay the content creators fairly. With Peekaboo, that will all change.

    Q: What makes Peekaboo different from sites like OnlyFans?

    A: We’re the solution for online adult creators who are tired of demonetization, tired of trolls and tired of having their earnings cut by high fees. Our site offers content creators a 90% payout, which is the highest in the industry. Most other sites only offer 70%-80%. This is just one way that we’ve created a better, more stable experience than other online subscription sites.

    The basis of everything we do is a more equitable partnership, giving adult content creators the chance to strategically build their legitimate business. By paying out 90% and not charging additional credit card fees, our creators keep more of their money. We also got rid of ratings and comments from viewers, which usually just brings trolls. Instead, your rating is based on sales, meaning your work is at the forefront, not the opinions of nefarious users or disgruntled customers

    Q: What about content consumers–what will viewers notice on Peekaboo?

    A: We’re super proud of the improved experience viewers will have on our site versus some of the others. It’s more user-friendly and uses darker tones to keep mobile device screens from being too bright. We’ve also made it really easy to search and find the type of content you are looking for through our robust search and tagging features, which we know is tough to do on other sites. It’s also easy for people to explore new content and find new go-to creators, and our advanced messaging system makes it simple for you to communicate with your favorite content creators.

    Q: How do you see the industry evolving with the launch of Peekaboo?

    A: I want to bring this industry credibility and legitimacy. If content creators aren’t worried about paying huge fees, losing their income or being scammed, they can focus on creating better content and growing their audiences. That’s why I’m also sharing my best tips for adult creators to achieve better strategic business practices. These creators are entrepreneurs and should be treated as such, not stigmatized.

    Q: Tell us how people can start using Peekaboo.

    A: Viewers can visit now and sign up to start viewing content. If you’re a content creator interested in moving to our platform and taking home more money in a better experience, we’re offering weekly raffles of between $250 to $1,000 for uploading pics and videos. For creators, the first month is free, with a 90% take-home after that. Creators can sign up and start uploading now.

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