City Offers Snow Clearing Update Following Snowfall

Road Conditions Update Snow Plow Pushing Snow

THUNDER BAY – NEWS – Thunder Bay received approximately 5-9 centimetres of snow, and strong winds paired with light snow caused drifting snow across the city.

The following is a status update from the City of Thunder Bay on the progress after this morning’s winter snowfall event:

Road Plowing: Road crews started plowing arterial and collector streets at 2 am this morning and will continue to clear these roadways throughout the day as many have become snow covered again with the blowing snow. If it continues it may have to be cleaned up again tomorrow morning. Local street plowing has not yet been triggered, but will be monitored throughout the day.

Sidewalk Plowing: Snow plowing started at 3 am this morning on the arterial, collector and core area street sidewalks. This is expected to continue throughout the day and once these are cleared we will commence Local Street sidewalk snow clearing. Local Street sidewalk clearing should be completed by Saturday of this week.

Snow Removal: With the amount of snow received the last few weeks, Roads crews will begin removing snow from in front of parking meters, handicapped parking spaces, bridges, and corners with sight line issues starting at the end of this week.