“Top Keynote Speaker on Mindfulness, Resilience and Work-life Balance” – Pandit Dasa.


There are multiple ways to keep the workplace full of energy and happiness. Creating a mindful and resilient workplace culture being the foremost.

Mindfulness and resilience can work wonders and contribute to the well-being of the whole workplace. But to achieve the best, the employees and management have to be in the best state of mind. There are a few changes which if implemented can change the game for good. Pandit Dasa who holds expertise on resilience and mindfulness and the roles it plays in the work environment is well versed with its workings and has implemented it for the benefit of many organizations. He has visited a variety of business houses as a keynote speaker, including many Fortune 500 companies, like Google, Chase, IBM, NASA, London Stock Exchange and many more. Many are unaware that he lived as a monk for 15 long years in New York City and later transitioned into coaching employees and management of various organizations to develop their mindfulness and how important is its presence to boost the company’s success.

According to Pandit Dasa, a top keynote speaker in the field of mindfulness, work-life balance and resilience, mindfulness is not just meditation but also an attitude and mindset that employees carry along with them and by indulging in it, they can very well balance the equilibrium of their professional and personal lives. For a majority of people the work environment is an extremely complex proposition where communication and interaction can be challenging to a great extent and only the right mindset can help them to create a much healthier, happier and a productive workplace. “If the stress and anxiety that people experience in their professional journey is not attended to, it can lead to serious consequences. Practicing mindfulness can help a person from falling into a deeper space and empower them with the right attitude for racing ahead in life without any burdened thoughts,” says Pandit Dasa.

There are a lot of ways and methods that can help stimulate mindfulness, work-life balance and resilience in your life, and the best way to find out what works best is to give it a try yourself. There’s no need to make any kind of major changes, as you just need to undertake a few alterations in your daily life that will make the huge difference.

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