Global Belief Coach Cassandra House Celebrates 20 Years As A Successful Coach, Teacher, Mentor, and Educator


    At the age of 16, Cassandra House started her entrepreneurial career as a teacher and coach. 20 years later, the self-belief coach owns multiple seven figure businesses across the globe branching across multiple industries. The best part: she’s just getting started and you’re invited along for the ride.

    Cassandra House is no stranger to accomplishment. The renowned self-belief coach is celebrating her 20th year as an empowering mentor and coach who’s helped hundreds of thousands across the globe take hold of one of the most powerful forces on the planet: BELIEF. And after 20 years, she’s excited as ever. As a serial entrepreneur with thriving businesses in major industries, she’s not keeping the secrets to success to herself. Cassandra has dedicated her life to helping others get out of their own way, to utilize belief and the gifts they have within to tackle opportunities and achieve their wildest dreams.

    As a master of monetization, Cassandra helps individuals tap into their own genius so they can do what they love, all while being richly rewarded. She believes in sharing all her trade secrets so that others can maximize opportunities and build their own empires from the ground, up. Because after all, it’s Cassandra’s firm belief that whether your goal is to start your own business, write that book, or invent the next billion-dollar product, it all starts with YOU, and your genius within. It’s her passion to bridge the gap between where people are, and where they want to go. And the vehicle to get there starts with belief.

    As a top-rated coach, Cassandra is on a mission to impact the lives of one billion people globally, to believe and achieve. Cassandra’s own career as a “start-up” from very early on. As a 16-year-old in Australia, teaching piano lessons and tutoring younger students in their academic studies after school. Then Cassandra was crushed to discover her dancing school was closing at 18 years old. It was then that Cassandra married her passion with opportunity by becoming the owner of this dance school, alongside her undergraduate degree. She then went on to teach at the local high school while operating and teaching at the Dance school six days a week. Miss House at High School and Miss Cassandra at the dance school she taught for 12 hours a day for a decade, all while she finished her Master’s in Education. Ever the over-achiever, she then began her Ph.D. in Visualization for Sporting Performance before moving to New York City.

    It was also during this time where Cassandra grew what eventually became a thriving, global network marketing business. It’s Cassandra’s firm belief that the network marketing industry can provide freedom and income opportunities that serve as a great asset for entrepreneurs. Her business has given her the freedom to travel the world, impact the lives of thousands, and build a dream life on her terms – all while helping others do the same.

    Over the past 20 years, Cassandra has gone on to own several brick-and-mortar businesses, and become a many multiple-figure earner in all she does. Her love for people motivates her to do more daily. Cassandra considers this her superpower and what makes her unique in her business. Like everyone, Cassandra has endured her own struggles in business and personal life, but her solid faith in the fact that anything is possible is her driving force. A character trait she attributes to her father, “My dad always taught me that, ‘If you think you can, you can’ which has really shaped my life and my career,” Cassandra says, “I have long understood that leadership challenges are a normal part of the process. Remember, nothing is happening to you, it’s happening for you! We become more multifaceted from the pressure and challenges we face, and we must take the lessons from within those challenges.”

    When asked if she ever plans on retiring, Cassandra said, “NEVER, how can you retire from doing what you love?” This isn’t work it is life! For as long as possible, Cassandra intends to keep inspiring and motivating people to go for gold. “The most empowering thing you can do for someone is to believe in them and to give them something that they wouldn’t have had if they hadn’t crossed your path, and that is what I want to keep doing,” said the self-belief coach.

    “I want everyone whoever crosses my path to leave me, believing in themselves, just a little bit more! I want to leave a little fire burning inside them that they can feel, wherever they are in the world, which represents my belief in them, for times they are lacking in self-believe or self-worth,” she continued.

    Cassandra offers private and group coaching along with several self-belief courses to help people reconnect with themselves and build their dream life. By means of one-on-one mentorship, her Empowered Women inner circle group, her Genius Millionaire Mastermind course, Cassandra has many tools to help others get exactly what they want out of business. Her courses and mentorship are all expertly curated to focus on the practical implementable steps that enable people to take aligned action towards their goals. These steps, coupled with her self-belief coaching, are a powerful combination that enable participants to take hold of their life and success, alongside a thriving community that Cassandra has built. The best thing and what you will feel as soon as you meet her is her down-to-earth, people-serving nature. She never forgets where she comes from and one of the things she is known for is opportunities for others so that others get to create their dream life and career like she has. She believes you rise by lifting others.

    In her debut book, Cassandra shares her deepest insights on confidence, personal growth, and self-belief. “Believe: If I Can, You Can” is a humorous look at life, success, and what it takes to turn your dreams into reality. It’s a call to action for everyone standing at their own starting line, ready for more. Are you ready to take that next leap? Start that new project? Write that book that’s on your heart? Finally, build your empire? Let Cassandra hand you your own permission slip to believe in yourself. She’s ready to hold your hand and help you believe that anything is possible. Cassandra will show you how to monetize your genius so you can live the truest, highest, grandest vision you hold for yourself.

    Don’t wait one more day without a plan and a guide. Cassandra is ready to act as your mentor to monetize your genius and empower you to believe that anything is possible. Find your perfect journey at and connect with Cassandra. The best is yet to come, and with Cassandra, you’re linking arms with proven success and a coach who is ready to help you soar.

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