Arash Avin’s Journey and humanitarianism

Arash Avin
Arash Avin

One of the greatest poets of all the time, Saadi Shirazi has a very famous Poem called Bani Adam; Which says:

Human beings are members of a whole

In the creation of one essence and soul

Without humanity and morality, the whole world can just blow up without a second. Humanity is what keeps us together and if we all take a deep look inside ourselves, we can find out that helping other people and improving is the main purpose of our lives and we all are dedicated to humankind.

So One way or another, we all have to find what best fosters the flowering of our humanity in this contemporary life and dedicate ourselves to that.

In this mess-up world and with all of these problems artists can play a great role in order to spread courtesy and humanity all over the world with the help of their art.

Meet Arash Avin, Iranian Singer, Humanitarian, etc.

Arash Avin is an Iranian-American Singer, songwriter, dancer, actor, humanitarian. We mentioned before how artists feel the great responsibility of dedicating their art to extend.

The love of mankind is necessary for this human society. Arash Avin has proved himself to be considered as one of those artists. His great passion to help mankind was first shown up during the “Kermanshah Earthquake”; When over 630 people lost their lives and over 70000 people became homeless after a catastrophic earthquake on 12 November 2017. Following this tragedy, Arash Avin released a moving song and video called “LaaLaaee” (Lullaby) and dedicated this song to the victims and survivors of the devastating earthquake.

In December 2019, human society started to experience the greatest pandemic in the last century; The spread of COVID-19 all over the planet earth. This pandemic has taken over 5.45 million lives since now.

So during this horrific circumstance, a global project was started in order to support the United Nations Foundation’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund (#covid19fund) for the World Health Organization.

“I’M STANDING WITH YOU” is an Oscar-nominated song written by the iconic songwriter Diane Warren and the arrangement of the song is by Emmy nominated TV/Film composer Sharon Farber and directed by award-winning director Gev Miron.

The song features 170 musicians from all around the world who have joined together to create a global musical collaboration and a humanitarian effort to help spread love, unity, gratitude, and healing through music while raising funds to those affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

And Iranian society was proud of the fact that they were part of this project. To continue his humanitarian-singing projects Arash Avin represented Iran for this global musical project and made a great milestone in his career.

Cancer is one of the greatest illnesses of all time, and sadly many families in the world had lost their loved ones because of cancer. Therefore, in order to help and support those who were affected by cancer, UCLA started a fundraising fashion show and as always Arash Avin participated in this Charity and showed the world humanity is above all other stuff and art is the best way to express this message.

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