5 Actionable Tips to Stay Protected from Frauds and Scammers on the Internet by Emir Ceric


As we celebrate the ongoing growth of digital products, it is also important to remember the dangers lurking on the internet. Many people have been so caught up in the upsides of the internet that they have completely ignored the downsides like scams, identity theft, spyware, hacking, and so much more. According to Emir Ceric, protecting yourself on the internet is important.

Emir Ceric is passionate about finding ways to curb cybercrime. Emir explains that billions of internet users are affected by cybercrime, and they don’t know how to protect themselves against frauds and scammers. He also predicts that the situation is bound to get worse with time. As such, Emir founded a company that is spearheading the removal of password use. He notes that passwords are responsible for 80% of annual data breaches, that is why it is time to switch out of using passwords.

Emir recommends the following ways of staying protected online.

  • Use anti-virus software on your devices.

Many people ignore this, but it goes a long way to protect you from malware. This software can notify you of sites that are not safe, the possibility of spyware or ransomware installed on your device, and so much more.

  • Don’t click on just any link.

Pharming and phishing mostly happen when you unknowingly click on a malicious link that directs you to fake websites where your personal information is then collected. This is why it is critical that you are aware of all emails coming in and be sure of links before clicking on them. This means that you should be careful when downloading anything off the internet.

  • Join the passwordless movement

From in depth research, Emir has found that passwords are responsible for majority of the breaches. That is why he is championing the passwordless movement. Meveto is dedicated to ensuring that people understand the benefits of opting for other ways of protecting their personal information instead of using passwords. Many people have begun warming up to this movement and the faster it is adopted, the easier it will be to stay protected from cyber breaches.

  • Use VPN

A Virtual Private Network allows you to surf the internet without exposing your online data to any curious lurkers. Emir explains that when you use VPN, everything you type online is encrypted, meaning you run a lower risk of your credit card numbers and other personal information being exposed.

  • Regularly update your software.

According to Emir, hackers mainly target devices running on older or outdated systems since they are easy to hack into. Therefore, ensuring your operating system, plugins, and other software is up to date can help protect you from frauds and scammers.

The internet is a dangerous place, but that doesn’t mean that you should discontinue your use of it. Emir recommends that you safeguard yourself against internet frauds and scams using the five tips above.

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