Here Is How Thriving Accountant Talaya Scott Helps People Master Money


Did you know that before money becomes wealth, it must be carefully managed and mastered? Earning money is hard, but so is managing it, and unless you learn how to do it, it might just slip away from your hands. That is where established accountant and money master coach Talaya Scott steps in.

Talaya makes it possible through her company, FIIT Perspective, which helps clients find financial freedom through financial education. It offers comprehensive financial education services for individuals and small businesses.

Talaya teaches the kind of knowledge that is not taught in schools or universities. People all over the world learn how to earn money through whatever means they are passionate about, but managing money is something that is never formally taught. According to Talaya, financial literacy can help people take charge of their finances so they can live a life that makes the most of their passion and God-given talents.

FIIT money master class

First and foremost, Talaya created and curated an engaging six-week master course that includes weekly one-hour live training with her and state-of-the-art remote video instruction to be completed at the student’s own pace. This self-paced program not only teaches the client about finances but alters the entire perspective on money. It is intended to make them the ultimate money master. You can check out the schedule for the next class here on the website.

Published book by the coach

Talaya also uses her book writing skills to educate people on financial literacy. Her latest published book is available on the company website, Amazon and Barnes and Noble, which is a personal compilation of real-life financial concepts that are essential. ‘So I graduated, now what do I do?’ is the story of Talaya’s life and depicts her journey from struggling as a mother of 3 young girls, trying to figure out life and financial management. Her financial losses, endless struggles, and bad decisions become the lessons we all need for financial literacy. This book informs and educates the reader on how to properly implement the financial lessons in their own lives. Get your hands on the book here.

FIIT Conversations series

Talaya has a large following on Facebook, Instagram and she constantly engages with the community in conversations about personal financial management. Collectively, as a community, people are uncomfortable with talking about money. This discomfort hinders you from good advice, guidance, mentorship, and the healing that you truly deserve. Opening up and being vulnerable about your money can help you manage your finances. These monthly conversations are a great way to help people gain confidence, build financial networks and learn the art and craft of mastering their money.

Talaya is influencing the change in the attitudes of people towards finances, as she believes that is the best way to enjoy your money and live in complete financial freedom.

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