Inter-Tech, Continues Transforming The Realm of Earthing Since 2011 With Gurmohit Singh At Helm

Gurmohit Singh
Gurmohit Singh

Led by COO, Mr Gurmohit Singh, Inter-Tech, the New Delhi based Best Earthing Solutions Provider, completed 11 years of successfully transforming the Indian Earthing landscape with their unique solutions.

For decades now, India has been using charcoal and salt or chemicals to create a solid earthing system. However, conventional, and chemical earthing proved to have several drawbacks in terms of safety and sustainability.

Invented by engineers at the company promoted by a Noble prize winner and Italian inventor, Guglielmo Marconi, Marconite is conductive aggregate engineered for electrical earthing. This special invention allowed Inter-Tech to successfully offer to offer permanent, stable, and low resistance green earthing systems.

Marconite Features and Inter-Tech Milestones

As we mentioned above, Marconite earthing is more secure and environmentally friendly as compared to conventional or chemical earthing. Here’s an insight into the features of Marconite and how Inter-Tech achieved several milestones by utilizing those features:

Moisture-Free: In a conventional or chemical earthing system, water fill-ups were commonly done to maintain the soil resistivity and ensure that the lives and equipment are saved from electrical shocks. But this implied, hundreds of gallons of water every year. Marconite being a moisture-free material does not require water fill-ups and can be easily installed in areas like Rajasthan with water scarcity, which Inter-Tech successfully did.

Corrosion-Free: Many engineers and citizens used to worry about the high maintenance that comes with earthing. Water fill-ups which are necessary for the earthing system, in long run, can cause corrosion of the electrodes which can directly impact the potential of the earthing system. With Marconite Earthing, Inter-Tech was able to ensure its clientele 60 years of secured earthing.

Adaptable to different soil conditions: They have been ahead of the curve with sustainable earthing solutions since then. With 5000+ successful installations across several Indian states. From the Indian capital, Delhi to sandy, rocky, and different terrains in India, they leveraged Marconite’s uniform resistance in every type of soil in the world to realise their dream of “Surakshit Bharat” or “Secure India”.

Why Green Earthing?

Well, the question is “Why not?” The world is suffering because of the consequences of human behaviour. The impact of global warming is creating threats like lightning, water scarcity, etc which are incompatible with traditional earthing methods. With Marconite earthing or green earthing, safety and sustainability requirements are met.


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