Snow Clearing Reminders from the City of Thunder Bay

The job of clearing snow is underway
Snow clearing underway in Thunder Bay

THUNDER BAY – WEATHER – With snow in the forecast, the City of Thunder Bay Roads Section states that they will be working hard to manage the winter conditions.

Residents are reminded to follow these tips when driving during or after a snowfall:

  • Be careful! Stay back when following a plow or sander. Give these large pieces of equipment extra room to maneuver. Do not pass. Turning a plow in an intersection often means the driver must back up while making the turn.
  • Be patient. Be assured that crews are working hard to keep roads open and safe.
  • Take your time when travelling to your destination. Winter weather can present some challenging driving conditions – slow down and remember to drive to road conditions.
  • Remember that calendar parking restrictions are enforced regardless of weather conditions. Be aware and follow the parking regulations for your street.

If we get the volume of snow Environment Canada is forecasting, it is likely to be a few days before all sidewalks and side streets are cleared.