The Future Entertainment: Zytronic UK Introduced the Concept of Transparent Slot Machines

The Future Entertainment: Zytronic UK Introduced the Concept of Transparent Slot Machines

Zytronic UK, a modern British manufacturer of a wide variety of touchscreen solutions for a large scale of sectors, has recently come up with a concept of a new generation of slot machines utilizing glass.

Manufacturing of many new all-themed slot machines will be possible thanks to a Zytronic’s self-made technology called ElectroglaZ, which includes the creation of a completely sensor slot machine based on the double-layer Pilkington glass.

It is said that the special glass coat will allow to create a slot machine with the effect of “floating” in front of the player in an optically transparent panel. The device will be in the form of vertical sheet of laminated glass and inside this will be installed a touch screen with a diagonal of 21.5 inches with which players will interact.

Wireless smartphone charger, a USB port to connect additional devices and a branded LED display are also going to be included in this new slot machine.

In fact, the innovative technology behind ElectroglaZ concept are already helping to create a design-led systems, from wireless furniture with sleek designs and lit display cabinets used in galleries and museums, to CCTV cameras utilized for security purposes and hygienic, easy to clean glass for medical facilities.

Therefore, there is no surprise that slot machine developers, after the presentation of Zytronic’s new concept at the Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas, are already showing a tremendous interest to this idea which might be soon successfully implemented for slots in the best casinos.

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