How to choose the right freestanding bathtub?

free standing bath tub

“Living well isn’t against the law” – this catchphrase perfectly describes freestanding bathtubs. After all, this plumbing is able to add luxury and chic to any interior, become a stylish highlight of the design of the entire room. You need to buy freestanding bath consciously, with an understanding of all its advantages and disadvantages, and take into account a number of important nuances. How to do it right?

Pros and Cons

The main advantages of a bathtub that is separate from the wall are:

  • Showiness. The appearance of freestanding bathtubs is unusual in itself. They are quite harmonious both in retro style and in the most modern minimalism.
  • Covert communications. With such a bath, the entire plumbing “wrong side” (inlet and outlet pipes, for example) is hidden from view.
  • Installation possibilities. You get flexibility in the layout of the room since you can choose such a bath for installation against the wall, by the window, or right in the center of the room.

As for the negative aspects of such plumbing, they are as follows:

  • High price. In all the variety of choices, this type of bathtubs, by default, is the most expensive.
  • The complexity of installation. To install a freestanding bathtub, you need to think over communications and, most often, raise the floor by 10-15 cm to hide the pipes (sometimes they even build a separate podium for this).

A Few Words about Freestanding Bathtubs

Freestanding bathtubs are the most expensive option when compared to built-in bathtubs. They can be located in any part of the room, or they can be outside the room (open-air hot tubs) and do not require additional support. Their advantages include the fact that from outside they are completely processed, painted over, or even decorated with a pattern. To install a freestanding bathtub, the connection of sewer pipes will need to be done according to a special project, accordingly, you cannot do without the help of professionals.

Choosing luxury hot tubs is largely a brand choice. After all, these models are demanding on the quality of the material and assembly, any flaws will immediately catch the eye, which is unacceptable in such designer plumbing. Therefore, we advise, first of all, to pay attention to the products of eminent, well-known manufacturers.

Which of the proposed options to give preference depends on the layout, communications, interior style, and the size of the planned budget.

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