Keep Trying until You Succeed: Audrey Victoria’s Mantra in Life and Profession

Audrey Victoria
Audrey Victoria

There is hardly anybody in the world who can say they cracked the secret to success at one go. Almost all successful people have achieved their success through trying, failing, and trying again. The same was the case for beauty expert and haircare guru Audrey Victoria. Victoria wasn’t quite sure what niche she wanted to adopt when she started to make videos for the internet; so, she tried a few different areas until she found her perfect fit.

27-year-old Audrey Victoria has been watching YouTube videos for as long as she can remember. In 2015, she decided to turn the camera on herself and share her own life experiences with the world. After going through ideas like makeup, clothes, and school and relationship advice, Victoria found what resonated with her personality in DIY beauty, particularly hair care. Eventually, she became so successful by making this niche her own that she quit her job in 2019 and took up blogging and influencing as a full-time career.

The timing was impeccable for Audrey Victoria, as 2020 will forever be known as the year of the pandemic. With people confined to their homes under lockdown restrictions, there were millions searching online for beauty ideas. Victoria’s channel grew at an exponential rate amidst the pandemic, and she joined Instagram and TikTok to expand her audience further. By using the same trial-and-error approach she did with her YouTube channel, Victoria found equal success on these additional platforms.

TikTok’s popularity exploded during the pandemic, garnering Audrey Victoria one million followers and 34 million views in just five months. While focusing mainly on haircare, she also shares tips on skincare and home-based beauty. Mother to a 9-month-old son, Audrey Victoria reached out to an entirely new audience as she shared her experiences with pregnancy and postpartum depression.

With her relatable content and likable personality, Audrey Victoria shines in a saturated market. By simply being herself and using the trial-and-error approach to find her niche, this Boston native has seen exponential career growth in minimal time

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