“Fitness, Motivation and sheer determination are the most essentials ingredients in my recipe of Success” – Syed Ali Naqvi


    Motivators are their own best advertisement for training, dedication and results. Aside from their training and knowledge it is their ability to inspire a spark of self development into others that makes them successful. One such fitness wizard is Syed Ali Naqvi. Born and brought up in Pakistan, Mr. Naqvi completed his education in the west and is now illuminating the fire of self development in the youth. Mr. Naqvi is also an ace marketing genius and takes frequent motivation seminars so as to inspire people to fight for their dreams and never give up. Recently Mr. Naqvi completed a milestone in the field of fitness and motivation; Read more to get to know the wizard better

    Recently Syed has successfully completed 25 housefull seminars on self help topics that can help people to achieve more out of their life. The best part about the seminars were that it reserved seats for poor and underprivileged youths that were randomly invited from local areas. He believes that if he can achieve so much then every person can achieve their dreams, all they last is motivation. Syed tells us that when he was a small kid he actually had no one to back him up; “I had no Godfathers nor I had anyone else to support me with my dreams. It was really a difficult phase and I thank the almighty Allah that he gave me powers and I didn’t back down, I always had a calling that I am born to achieve more.. It is this hope and positive motivation that derived sheer determination from within me and gave exceptional results”.

    Syed is a gym enthusiast and he keeps sharing fitness and nutrition tips on his instagram. “Of Course as the saying goes- A healthy mind stays in a healthy body, being motivated will make you want to work harder for your dreams but meanwhile it is equally important to fuel your body correctly”. Coming from a background where everything was self sought, Mr. Naqvi told us that he values the availability of resources that are available to people nowadays. “All I want to do is to be there for people who do not have anyone alongside them.”

    Dreaming is one thing but achieving those dreams is where life tests your determination. Whatsoever the situation may be, if a person has the right motivation and good health, it is nothing but a matter of time that he achieves those dreams. Sitting at the epitome of Entrepreneurship Mr. Naqvi is one such example we all should learn from.

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