Make way for Eren Legend, Celebrity Trainer and World Champion!

Eren Legend
Eren Legend

He is a versatile talent who, as a trainer and entrepreneur, has taken over the world of health, fitness, and fashion.

It is amazing to learn about all those individuals and professionals who know what they seek in life and make sure to put every possible effort into taking over their dreams and turning them into reality. We came to learn about one such high-performing talent in the world of fitness; he is Eren Legend, a true legend who is known as a celebrity trainer and World Champion. Eren Legend has risen to the top as a celebrity fitness trainer and coach and a professional athlete, apart from being a writer, actor, and fashion designer with his brand “Legend.Fitted”. Now, we know why he is known as a versatile professional.

Who is Eren Legend, you ask? Well, this passionate man confesses that he was always attracted to everything fitness and training from a very early age. Hence, it became a natural choice for him to get into the industry and disrupt the same in ways more than one. He is an Olympian Gold Medalist, a World Champion for a reason. His Personal Training and Online Fitness Coaching services have enthralled all in and outside the industry. Eren Legend has also shown his excellence as a model and actor and is also well-known as a motivational speaker. He has become a prominent name across Canada and the US and now has moved to Los Angeles, California, to expand his ground and create newer opportunities to grow his brand further.

Having the vision to make it huge in the fitness world made Eren Legend a World Champion and Internationally Published Fitness Model. He then dived deep into entrepreneurship in the fashion industry and became a fashion designer with his brand Legend.Fitted Apparel. He is Canada’s first-ever Physique World Champion and was featured in GQ Magazine as a contributing Fitness Professional. Eren Legend has been on the cover of over 15 magazines and, as a celebrity fitness trainer, works on the American Gods TV show with Ricky Whittle and Pablo Schreiber (Halo Tv Series). He even appeared on Epic Meal Time in an episode.

Eren Legend
Eren Legend

Eren Legend has changed lives as a celebrity fitness trainer and even helped 100s of others start their own companies for free. His apparel brand Legend.Fitted Apparel has risen to the top as fashionable streetwear offering comfort and affordability. On asking him about the turning point in his life, Eren Legend says that it was becoming the World Champion. After this, he gained much respect from people, which strengthened his mental attitude towards his own self-belief. He also started believing that he had the power and capability to empower other people simply with his presence and stories of his struggles.

Eren Legend, who has now begun a new life in Los Angeles, has found different ways to grow further. He wants to pursue acting and continue with his fashion business or a new apparel company that he is looking to start. He can additionally use his platform for public speaking and establish himself there as a Celebrity Fitness Trainer.

Eren Legend only wants to become his best version in all that he aims to do in his life. To know more, follow him on Instagram @erenlegendifbbpro.

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