How to Create an Atmosphere of Comfort in your Home


To create an atmosphere of comfort, coziness, and sophisticated style in the house, it is not at all necessary to make expensive repairs or hire a designer. It is quite possible to cope with this task on your own if you adopt some design techniques.

You can find much advice, but only 9 such techniques can radically change the interior of the rooms in your home. Which ones? We will talk about this in this article.

  1. More light

The first trick is to increase light and space. In order to have a lot of light in the rooms and for the room to feel spacious, it is important to choose the right color scheme in which it will be decorated.

Light shades of beige, blue, green, white, or warm shades of orange, yellow, dark beige are perfect for curtains, walls, and ceilings, because they will visually make the room look bigger than it really is.

Mirrors are also able to visually significantly increase the space. If there are shelves with books along the walls, then a monophonic stretch ceiling will help to create the effect of a high ceiling, the surface will be reflected from the floor.

Also, designers advise, if possible, to abandon the installation of bulky and dark furniture in the room, which visually “steals” the space.

  1. More colors

Psychologists have long proven that bright colors have a positive effect on our well-being and mood. And for this, you do not have to redo the repairs or repaint the walls at all. You can put a wall with colored glass partitions, or in some other way play with colored glass in the interior.

The whole technique lies in the fact that sunlight, falling on such glasses, is well reflected and fills the room with all the colors of the rainbow, and this contributes to creating a warm and joyful atmosphere in the room. You can buy crafts made of colored glass, or make pendants from bright beads with your own hands and install them on chandeliers.

You can also buy colored glass lamps and lamps.

Colored beads will look good on cushions too. If the room has shelves, it is recommended to place glass figures on them. The effect will not keep you waiting – the room will be filled with different colors due to the fact that sunlight will be reflected from them.

  1. Down with excess furniture

No, we are not urging you to abandon the sofa, armchairs, or nightstands. But think: do you need all the furniture, do you use all of them all the time? As we said above, the more furniture in the room, the less space and less light it has.

If there is no extra furniture, you can use another technique – do not place a lot of furnishings in the center. To make the room appear wider, it is better to place furniture in the corners so that the center and walls of the room remain open.

If you, on the contrary, understood that there is not enough furniture pieces in your space then maybe you need to make some purchases. To find furniture that will enrich your home with coziness you can go to, which has a large assortment of stylish pieces. 

  1. Add poufs to the rooms

Small ottomans, which are not only cute but also quite functional, do an excellent job of giving the rooms coziness. You can sit on a pouf, you can hide toys, old notebooks, books or something personal in it.

You can make an ottoman with your own hands. To do this, we take a box with a lid, which can either be removed completely or opened on hinges. After that, the box should be upholstered with a construction stapler with some pretty fabric. A soft pillow should be made for the lid, which must be attached to the upper side of the lid with glue, and then also upholstered with fabric. To prevent the lid from flying off the ottoman when you move it, you can attach a small lock to it.

  1. Hang pictures

Another secret of a cozy home is the pictures and posters on the walls. However, here it is important to do everything according to the mind.

Most homeowners use either oversized or too small art in their rooms. This is the wrong approach. Try to choose paintings in such a way that they are in harmony in size with the furniture and other accessories in your home. For example, you can hang one large picture above the sofa (it is large), and next to the TV, cabinets – small ones.

As for the artistic component, the pictures can be of any type (nature, photos, animals, etc.), it is only important that they go well with the general color scheme of the room.

Some homeowners choose to do these paintings with their own hands. Especially that is needed for this is to print the drawing you like on a color printer, put it in a frame under the glass, and hang it on the wall.

  1. Arrange the flowers

Vases and flower pots also play an important role in any interior. Any designer will tell you that.

If you have old flower pots in your house that don’t look very attractive, they can be easily transformed. You can paint such a pot with water-based paint, and then apply an interesting ornament or pattern along the edge.

You can also cover it with decorative plaster. Before it dries, you need to apply the desired texture with a ribbed knife or fork. Your imagination can go further. You can also smear the pots with clay and then press shards of tiles, glass, or small stones into it.

Pillows on couch

  1. Unfold the pillows

Have you noticed the flavor that cushions may add to the interior? How comfortable the room becomes with them. But which pillows are better to choose so as not to overdo it?

It is good when they blend harmoniously with the style of the room, but the contrast with the sofa itself, which makes them more noticeable. For example, if the sofa is upholstered with a plain fabric, there should be some interesting pattern on the pillows, for example, a large flower. If the upholstery of the sofa has any pattern, the cushions should be solid colors.

It is not necessary to choose pillows of the same color and size. Multi-colored pillows of different sizes will look more interesting. Usually, sofa cushions have something in common with other interior details. Such as rugs, curtains, or tablecloths. They can also contrast with the color scheme of the room.

  1. Arrange the figurines 

If you have beautiful figurines s in your home, put them in a prominent place. If they are in a row with other small and large figures, the charm will be lost. Place them in such a way as to emphasize their individuality, and so that guests and you can admire them from any corner of the room.

If the statue is large enough, it will look best in a spacious corner on the floor. If you have figurines of any fairy-tale characters, they should be given a separate place on the shelf, or among the flowers on the windowsill

  1. Hang up new curtains 

The appearance of the window and its surroundings can also have a beneficial effect on the atmosphere of the room.

If you want to make the window visually wider, give up external curtains, close it only with a transparent curtain. To make the window seem higher, you should hang narrow long curtains that will capture only the window opening and will not touch the walls.

If for some reason the window needs to be made visually narrower, choose short curtains and spread them wide on both sides of the window. If it is necessary to cover the window, the curtains are chosen corresponding to the entire length and width of the window opening.

Stylish curtains for your windows can be made yourself from ordinary white tulle. In this case, it will not be superfluous to bring more colors to the interior of your windows, which will go well with the color scheme of the room. For example, you can buy beautiful ribbons and sew them on to the tulle.

That’s all! The stylish and cozy interior of the rooms of the house is ready and now you can relax and enjoy the result of your ideas and work.


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