Tulsi Vasrani: Elevating His Life To A New Level Every Day

Tulsi Vasrani
Tulsi Vasrani

Tulsi Vasrani is getting an amazing response on his birthday. There is no doubt about the fact, that the man is extremely famous not only in his hometown but also globally.

He is a successful award-winning entrepreneur who has turned into following his passion of being an actor. Tulsi is famous for his songs and upcoming projects. He was featured in a highly successful single Odha Ji. But the trail didn’t stop and he is going to feature in Tere Bin that is sung by Indian Idol winner Salman Ali.

But things were not the same as it is today for him. He was born in a family that was not financially stable but thanks to the dedication, hard work and passion to do great, things changed.

Today Tulsi is celebrating his birthday in a grand manner. Press, celebrities and fans are wishing him well from all parts of the world. That also includes Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India. But the day Tulsi was born was not the same as it is today.

Due to poverty, his parents had no chance to get to a hospital. Tulsi was born in farmland and his childhood was spent in an acute shortage of things that his peers were never scant for.

Those days of struggle left a deep impact on him. They made him promise to himself that destiny has given him this life but he will get away with it and build a new life. His commitment to himself was not merely a short term wave of emotions but a pledge that he is continuing even today.

Things have changed and Tulsi is living a comfortable life and a person from his financial background gets saturated at the place where Tulsi stands today.

But this is not going to happen with him as he is not only trying but achieving new heights of success.

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