Top Sites That Will Keep You From Getting Bored at Home

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Are you bored? Don’t know what to do anymore? Already had an priceless Roulette gambling experience, reread all the novels, and watched all the new Netflix series? Go to the search engine, there’s a lot to see!

How much longer do we have to wait?

A site with counters for every taste. You no longer have to guess how long you have left before the premiere of your favorite TV series: everything is counted for you

Find the invisible cow

Yes, that’s right. The voice-over will help you: the closer you are to the cow, the more he will yell the word “Cow!!!”. For each find you get a point, get five points – and you can not only look for cows.

Don’t do anything for two minutes.

It’s harder than it looks: just sit up straight, concentrate, and don’t touch the mouse. Real meditation and attention training – come in handy during exams!

Create your own stereogram

Stereograms are special images that have volumetric images hidden from the untrained eye. You don’t need to learn how to make one – all the tools are already available on the Internet. With ready-made templates, you can make one in a minute and send it to your friends as a postcard.

Listen to disappearing sounds

Click on a square and listen to sounds you don’t see very often anymore – automatic cash register, typewriter, forgotten “ooh” from ICQ, or the ringtone of the famous Nokia phone. You can also combine them and create tracks!

How many people are in space right now?

In addition to answering this question, you’ll find out their names, positions, and how long these astronauts have been among the stars.

What does the Internet think about this?

Can’t you figure out if some phenomenon is good or bad? Ask the Internet – literally. The site culls all mentions of a keyword and renders a verdict. You can use it as an argument in arguments!

Download old versions of apps.

It may not be as relevant to you, but your older brothers and sisters will. Legendary apps without annoying updates – and even the legendary Winamp with equalizer!

See how the world has changed

Pretty simple site from Time: little videos show how the city of Dubai has grown in 20 years, or how the Amazon River hasn’t changed at all. Very nice!

Don’t let the cat escape.

The game is very simple: you mark in gray areas of the field where the cat can’t go. Its task is to get away, yours is to surround it with gray dots. Can you do it?

Pick a fake name and biography for yourself

For those who decide during the quarantine period to become spies, this site will be a great help. Choose where you’re from and where you live, and the program will come up with a fake biography, date of birth, profession, and hobbies.

Have fun!


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