Ana Skoumal: “In This Digital Age, It Is Easy To Monetize Your Passion”

Ana Skoumal
Ana Skoumal

I​f you know what you want to sell and you’re passionate about it, you are already on your first step of running a profitable business. It’s all about building something you believe in, sharing that with the world, and monetizing it in a way that supports your life. Making money is a part of life, and Ana Skoumal explains why it is now easier than ever to monetize your passion.

A​na Skoumal is a Chicago-based trademark attorney helping small business owners, artists, digital creators, and entrepreneurs through the social media world. “Branding is so important to business, but it’s also important to ensure that you own the content, and your rights are protected,” explains Skoumal. “The legal world can be murky to navigate without the right support. That’s why I launched this business.”

S​eeing the meteoric rise of the social media and its potential for business owners, Ana Skoumal dived deep into how entrepreneurs can monetize their passions creating businesses with impact. “The interesting thing about the social media and the digital age in general is that we can build these micro-communities around shared interests and passions,” says Skoumal. “Through apps, your target audience is easily in reach.”

​Audiences are looking for brands that are both dynamic and authentic. “Social media has increased the power of engagement and authenticity,” explains Skoumal. “Not only do people want to know what they are buying, they also want to know who they are buying it from.” This makes monetization even more viable because not only can you sell the great qualities in your product or service but also the great qualities and benefits of you and your organization.”

Ana Skoumal believes that entrepreneurs shouldn’t fear monetization. “With the right combination of branding and scale, monetization will come naturally as you build your business,” states Ana. Through educational videos and insightful posts, Skoumal provides the support creators need to navigate the digital world.

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