Model Bipasha Banikya pursues the path of positivity even in dreary situations

Bipasha Banikya
Bipasha Banikya

No matter how much we talk about the adventurous routes of our life, one undeniably fetches distress and negativity when comes in contact with any pessimistic situations. However, some souls still manage to ignite the flames of positivity in their minds.

Social media sensation Bipasha Banikya possesses the same characteristics. Being a content creator on Instagram and other social networking sites, Bipasha too faces many ebbs and flows. Yet she knows how to be optimistic while there is a storm.

It isn’t easy to be uprooted from one place and planted in different. Hailing from wonderful Guwahati to ceaseless metropolitan Mumbai, life wasn’t easy with Bipasha. Fresh city, new people and everything was raw. But the influencer stood by the positive energy radiated by her dreams.

Again while inching the steps of growth and eminence, Bipasha faced tough rivalry from every corner of the field. But being an adherent of buoyant and having a jovial attitude, she sustained the period while coming out with flying colors. She became a source of genuine inspiration for all and sundry.

From now and again, Bipasha Banikya proved herself to be atypical by being creative, novel, patience and optimistic all the time. She again promotes this belief by saying, “We all encounter darkness and the majority of the time is when we are on our own. Here, we have to be our own luminous. We need positivity like no other thing.”

Promoting the same opinion she also took upon her Instagram post and captioned , “We must find positivity in the bleakest situations and live the principle of gratitude.” To check her more content slide into @bipasha_banikya18 on Instagram.

Bipasha has joined hand with more than hundred multinational brands. All this success and fame is the outcome of her positive thoughts. Because we are the person made of out thoughts.

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